Buyer's Guide Listing Information

Lightwave Buyer's Guide Listing Information

The Lightwave Buyer's Guide is the global resource for decision makers in the optical communications marketplace. Engineers and designers rely on this resource year-round when they are in the research and buying process.

Reach decision makers: over half of the Lightwave audience are managers or above. 


Showcasing hundreds of companies across dozens of categories, the online buyer's guide allows users worldwide to access targeted, timely, and valuable information through real-time comparisons of products, online interaction with suppliers, and access to relevant content from industry-leading brands. 

Unlike broad search engines or other websites, the Lightwave Buyer's Guide is specifically designed to enhance, expedite, and complete the buying process while providing users with indispensable information, industry news, and analysis.


Open enrollment with entries taken year round.

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Complimentary listings include:

  • 5 categories
  • 30-word company description
  • 5 products (75-words, 1 URL, 1 image each)
  • 5 press releases

Paid upgrade listings include:

  • Expanded profile with logo, unlimited text, social media, SEO-valuable backlinks
  • Unlimited content including categories, products, press releases, videos, whitepapers/brochures/resource files and blogs
  • Content Featured and listed first throughout the Buyer's Guide
  • Promotion including a custom email marketing campaign to 10,000 subscribers, quarterly product e-newsletter entries, social media, and more
  • Analytics with an interactive webpage that shows real-time stats of all Buyer’s Guide and editorial content and compares you to your competitors. 

Contact the Kris Collins for pricing and ordering information.


For upgrade pricing and ordering information, contact Kris Collins.

For listing information, email [email protected] or call 603-891-9422.