OFS targets AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC) networks with new LaserWave fiber, cable solutions

Feb. 1, 2024
The new line addresses the growing need for multimode fiber. 

OFS is using this week’s BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida, to showcase its new LaserWave® Dual-Band OM4+ Multimode Optical Fiber to complement its existing OM4 and OM5 products.

LaserWave Dual-Band OM4+ is a fiber optimized for bidirectional (BiDi) applications to support the next generation of high-density and low-power multimode links. It offers OM5-equivalent performance at the 850 nm and 910 nm wavelengths used for bidirectional transmission to maintain 100 m reach for Terabit BiDi Ethernet applications: 800G-SR4.2 and 1.6T-SR8.2. It is fully backward compatible with OM4 standards and applications.

New improvements to LaserWave multimode fibers have allowed OFS to lead early in the multimode Rollable Ribbon cable technology segment. Colored optical fibers are partially bonded into a flexible ribbon rolled within ultra-compact cables and then easily break out into individual fibers or pairs for termination.

The company claims that the LaserWave R-Pack™ and AccuRiser™ Rollable Ribbon Cables offer advantages over overactive optical cables (AOCs) and flat ribbon cables to accommodate AI-driven applications' density requirements.

David Knight, product line manager for multimode and hollow-core Solutions for OFS, said that LaserWave Multimode Rollable Ribbon Cables respond to the “accelerating growth of AI clusters leads to increased demand for reliable, low-power multimode links.”

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