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Th 147455
Th 147455

For many laser and electro-optic laboratory experiments and OEM processes that require automated and/or remote control of adjustable stages and mounts, the NewStep series of positioning products provides a combination of precision motion and low-profile packaging for applications with limited accessibility, such as within tightly folded laser cavities. The NSC100 ergonomic controller can be used for manual and computer control via RS-232 and as a handheld device or fastened to a typical optical table. A multifunctional manual knob controls motor speed and initiates home searches and computer control. The NSA12 actuator is designed as a direct replacement for manual micrometers to enable precise motorized control of a wide range of translation stages and mechanically adjustable mounts. Measuring just 60 mm (length) × 30 mm (diameter), the tiny actuator provides up to 11-mm travel with submicron incremental motion. It uses a high-torque stepper motor to provide better than 0.3-µm incremental steps at 1 mm/sec with a maximum load of 18 N. And with its non-rotating tip, even large loads can be moved without any long-term degradation of the actuator-stage interface.
Newport Corp., Irvine, CA, www.newport.comTh 147456

The StressTech HR rheometer is equipped with a UV cure monitoring accessory and fast oscillation data acquisition software. It utilizes integrated light-triggering capability and data collection rates >100 points/sec, along with combined shrinkage measurements, for monitoring the real time cure profiling and shrinkage of light-activated DNS (developing network systems) materials by capturing rapid, transient changes. This information is critical for optimizing formulations and processing conditions and predicting product performance and acceptance. Rheology, the science of dealing with the flow and deformation of materials, provides a link between the chemistry of the samples and its processing and performance qualities, including line speed, cure time, shrinkage, and ultimate mechanical strength.
ATS RheoSystems, Bordentown, NJ, www.atsrheosystems.comTh 147457

For 2.5-Gbit/sec metro/access applications, the NEC uncooled-laser series is available in eight ITU-compliant CWDM wavelengths from 1470 to 1610 nm and offers a wide (–20° to +85°C) temperature range for outdoor applications. The NX8508 coaxial lasers for systems combine an optical isolator and monitor photodiode with the laser diode. For SFP and ..SFF transceiver modules, the NX8510UD TOSA lasers also integrate an optical isolator, plus feature a fiber stub design that eliminates optical alignment problems and ensures fixed optical coupling, and the NX6508 CAN lasers include an aspherical lens cap. Additional models designed to cover 1270- to 1450-nm wavelengths are available. To comply with the filter requirements in CWDM systems, central wavelength tolerance in these new modules is just ±2 nm.
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL), Santa Clara, CA, www.cel.comTh 147458

The FLD5F20CE-Exxxx 9.95328-Gbit/sec DWDM modulator integrated DFB laser with an integrated Fabry-Perot etalon for wavelength locking has transmission capacity up to 1,600 psec/nm corresponding to 80 km. It can be tuned to an ITU-T 50-GHz-spaced channel in ..the C-band via adjustment of chip temperature with the included thermoelectric cooler. The included wavelength locker allows the output wavelength to be locked to an ITU-T grid channel and to remove any wavelength drift that may arise from the laser over its lifetime or temperature variations. The laser comes in a compact 7-pin package with a GPO connector for modulation voltage and is available for any of the 85 ITU-T channels in the C-band (191.8–196 THz).
Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, San Jose, CA,

The remotely managed chassis-based copper-to-fiber media converter for RS-232 links at distances up to 80 km over fiber-optic cable transmits the full complement of RS-232 flow control/handshaking signals, while supporting full- or half-duplex data transmission at speeds to 128 kbits/sec. Diagnostic features help make installation easy and intuitive. Local or remote loopback on both copper and fiber cable enables complete diagnostic testing prior to system turn-up or during troubleshooting. Read/write access via software to chassis card and standalone unit allows for status information from remote locations as well as the ability to enable/disable loopback; unit and port LEDs provide local status of each converter.
Transition Networks, Minneapolis, www.transition.comTh 147459

The Manhattan series DWDM small-form-factor-pluggable (SFP) transceiver ("approximately six times smaller") delivers greater density and less power consumption (1.3 W) over the full operating-temperature range (–5° to +70°C). Almost any equipment that has SFP interfaces can immediately support 100-GHz-spacing DWDM interfaces, including SFP-based CWDM systems. With integrated APD technology, receiver sensitivities are better ..than –28 dBm at OC-48. Digital performance monitoring is available for transmit power, receive power, bias current, APD voltage, TEC current, and temperature-locking. Available in 44 channels on the 100-GHz ITU grid, wavelength stability over temperature is ±0.04 nm. The transceiver also supports multirate functionality from 100 Mbits/sec to 2.7 Gbits/sec.
LuminentOIC, Chatsworth, CA; www.luminentoic.comTh 147460

Housed inside the IQS-500 intelligent test system, the IQS-8510 high-end rack-mountable 10/100/1,000-Mbit/sec Packet Blazer Ethernet module can be carried to customer premises for Ethernet services turn-up and troubleshooting. One technician can provision an end-to-end Ethernet circuit, minimizing the time for critical tests. Additional monitoring applications between central offices can be done with test modules installed at multiple sites. Also well suited for laboratory and manufacturing environments, the Ethernet module features dual test ports, offering a high-density multiport test system that ..can generate wire-speed traffic necessary to stress test Ethernet devices. Parallel device testing and traffic generation are easily done with multiple modules in the test system. The module can also test access, metro, DWDM, and Ethernet passive-optical-network devices and systems when integrated with other modules.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering, Quebec City, 147461

Boasting 9-sec splice and 35-sec heat-shrink times, the FSM-50S core alignment fusion splicer features a reversible monitor for ergonomic flexibility, a control panel on each side, 100 programmable splicing modes, and 2,000 splices in memory. It is designed for splicing single optical fibers and equipped with a profile alignment system for precise core-to-core ..fiber alignment, enabling consistently low splice loss and accurate loss estimation, regardless of fiber type or quality. The 5.6-inch TFT color LCD display allows a clear view of the fiber and splice with a magnification of 295× for X or Y views and 147× for X and Y views. The rugged splicer's applications include broadband, telcos, and fiber to the subscriber.
AFL Telecommunications, Spartanburg, SC,

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