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May 1, 2004
For fiber to the home and premises applications, the FTTX1310/1490/1550 filter WDMs use high-performance thin-film interference filters to provide excellent bandpass over extended outdoor operating conditions. The filter WDMs are bidirectional and optimized for optical-network-unit and optical-line-terminal equipment units, featuring reduced insertion loss, high transmission and reflection channel isolation, bidirectional operation, and an epoxy-free optical path. They offer high isolation on the return channel, which is critical for video insertion and demultiplexing. Available in controlled and outdoor environment versions as well as custom packaging.Alliance Fiber Optic Products (AFOP), Sunnyvale, CA,
Consuming <900 mW of power and offering <0.7-psec of rms jitter generation, the QT2022 third-generation integrated 10-Gbit/sec serial-to-XAUI physical layer (PHY) IC performs the full PHY processing for 10-Gbit/sec Ethernet and Fibre Channel and integrates the PMA, PCS, and XGXS layers onto a single chip. Fully compliant with IEEE802.3ae-2003 10GE and INCITS/T11 10GFC standards as well as XENPAK/XPAK/X2 and XFP multisource agreements, the bidirectional device converts four 3.125-Gbit/sec XAUI lanes into a serial 10.3–10.57-Gbit/sec data stream. The serial interface is compliant with the XFI requirements and can be connected to an electro-optical interface or an XFP module. For communications, the device includes a standard MDIO/MDC and a two-wire interface together with a nonvolatile register set. The receiver includes an integrated post-amplifier with high sensitivity (10 mVpp per side). The built-in receive equalizer successfully recovers data over as much as 12 inches of standard FR4 printed circuit board. Built-in test features include jitter pattern and PRBS generators and checkers. Requiring just a single 1.2-V supply, the device is manufactured in CMOS technology and packaged in a compact 12×12-mm2 PBGA with 1-mm ball pitch.Quake Technologies, Ottawa, Ontario and San Jose, CA,

For optical fiber, wire, and capillary tubing, the RS100-RH Fiber Rewinder digitally controlled winding system features spooler and pay-off equipment to handle fine, delicate materials. It can be operated from a standing or sitting position and places such functions as threading, loading, and unloading within arm's reach to maximize ..efficiency. The conveniently placed control panel allows digital entry of winding parameters such as package width and material length to optimize accuracy. A state of the art stepper motor provides pitch control with digital readout in 0.0001-inch or 2.5-µm increments. Speed and tension are managed ultrasonically with a noncontact loop detector that provides excellent control at minimum tension (10–75 kg). By regulating sophisticated dc drive motors, the system is capable of 600-fpm speeds on a 6-inch core.
Progressive Machine, Ringwood, NJ,

Designed for fiber management at the local convergence point within passive optical networks, OptiTect access cabinets optimize the integration of couplers and splitters for FTTX applications. The pole- and pad-mountable cabinets enable incremental addition and/or replacement of connectorized coupler/splitter modules and are designed for craft-friendly reentry, increasing the speed of subscriber connection. The Premiere FDH-HDF cabinet houses interconnection points in high-density shelves and offers coupler modularity, supporting up to 13 1×32 modules or up to 26 1×16 modules. The Advantage FDH-SE cabinet houses interconnection points in a patch-panel configuration, supports up to 13 1×32 or up to 26 1×16 coupler modules, and features discrete termination fields and individual connector access. All cabinets provide excellent jumper management for easy routing and storage of all service connection leads as well as a storage panel for unused module outputs. They are scalable for efficient subscriber growth and minimize the time required for coupler/splitter addition and subscriber connection.
Corning Cable Systems, Hickory, NC,

The FOT-930 MaxTester "all-in-one" multifunction optical loss handheld test set delivers fully automated, bidirectional loss test results in 10 sec at up to three wavelengths on a singlemode (SM) port or two wavelengths on a multimode (MM) port. The tester includes as many as eight instruments in a single unit: insertion loss meter, power meter, optical return loss meter, visual fault locator, SM/MM light sources, digital talk set, fiber length tester, and fiber inspection probe. Its five-wavelength SM/MM configurations meet the requirements of installers and contractors for all test situations, while the 1310/1490/1550-nm three-wavelength configuration is suited for fiber to the home network testing.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering, Quebec City,

Addressing the complex requirements of emerging virtual private LAN (VPLS) services, the automated test suite simplifies the setup and administration of VPLS stress and validation testing for service providers and network equipment manufacturers. It can determine the data-forwarding performance and control-plane scalability of routers in VPLS networks, automating the complex setup of multiple protocols and data traffic. Also included are tests that analyze the Ethernet address capacity and learning rate of the router to determine system scalability. The tests can be used with core-routing devices to evaluate network signaling and control-setup performance as well.Ixia, Calabasas, CA,

The Ultra 2400 precision dispensing workstation applies accurate, consistent amounts of UV-cure adhesives, epoxies, and other fluids used in fiber-optic assembly processes, from uniform dots as small as 0.004 inch in diameter to neat controlled beads. The system's consistent fluid application provides higher yields, better process control, and shorter training time for new operators. Its vertical design conserves benchtop space and comes in a 60% smaller footprint. The workstation provides a simultaneous digital display of dispense time, air pressure, vacuum, shot count, and dispense mode. Dispense time is adjustable in 0.0001-sec increments for precise control of deposit size. An internal ..pressure reservoir reduces cycle time and improves deposit control. Automatic voltage regulation is from 85 to 265 V, with universal power plugs. Features also include automatic U.S./metric conversion of all dispensing parameters; multilingual display in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese; and security lockout with tamper-proof password control.
EFD, East Providence, [email protected]

CommNets Fiber software simultaneously completes engineering, drafting, and capture of fiber outside plant source data for mass distribution of fiber infrastructure in RF and fiber-optic networks. While a user is engineering fiber outside plant, the software is populating a database that holds all the information about the fiber infrastructure. In addition to storing the data attributes of each fiber infrastructure asset, it maintains detailed information on connectivity between objects. The software simplifies the fiber outside plant design process and provides standards to design drafters/contractors. The application is ready to go out of the box, but the included robust set of CAD standards can be easily replaced or modified, without programming, through the configurable control database to yield higher-quality drawings.
Kanotech Information Systems, Edmonton, Alberta,

For delivering voice, data, and video services (the triple play) over Ethernet and SONET/SDH in wireless and access networks, an EIS-M card has been added to the XDM-100 miniature multiservice provisioning platform. Service providers can combine emerging data applications like Ethernet virtual private line service, ultra-high-bandwidth Internet connectivity, quality of service, service-level-agreement assurances, and statistical multiplexing for handling bursts of traffic and supporting dynamic bandwidth utilization in their legacy business.
ECI Telecom, Petah Tikva, Israel,

Able to transmit up to 40 DWDM signals over a fiber strand, the LightHandler optical add/drop multiplexer is designed to meet video on demand (VoD) scalability for both telco and cable operators as well as other service requirements in major metro cable headends. Operators can start with a single four-channel module and flexibly add modules in minutes, boosting transmission capacity up to as much as 400 Gbits/sec over a single fiber. The large number of wavelengths available means that cable operators and service providers can transport voice, data, and video services on separate wavelengths of the same platform rather than secure separate equipment for each service. This wavelength capacity enables operators to protect high-margin VoD and business services, which require dedicated quality of service and reliability. Ring upgrades are simple, without upgrading every site to the full complement of wavelengths, allowing a single hub site and the headend to add capacity without any changes at other hubs on the ring.Internet Photonics, Shrewsbury, NJ, and Marlborough, MA,

For stable, on-demand, remote configuration of metro and long-haul networks in the 50/100-GHz-channel range, the P-DCO-10050AB Dynamic Channel Orchestrator reduces wavelength provisioning and management time from months to minutes, allowing carriers to provide advanced wavelength grooming and new services to end customers by .. seamlessly migrating to future networks without the need for an architecture redesign. Integrated power management provides attenuation, equalization, and blocking of any combination of up to 100 WDM channels. The small form factor fits on existing line cards and can be configured as a dynamic gain equalizer, a dynamic channel equalizer, or an integrated wavelength attenuator blocker for creating reconfigurable optical-add/drop-multiplexer architectures.
Polychromix, Wilmington, MA,

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