Leadership changes in fiber and cable groups

In recent months, two well-known convenors of optical fiber and cable standards groups have resigned.

Dr. Allen Cherin (OFS) has been convenor of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) SC86A/WG1 (Optical Fiber) group since its formation in the late 1980s. He also has been a longtime chair of IEC SC86C/WG1 (Fibre Optic Communications Systems and Subsystems).

Dr. William “Bill” Gardner (OFS) has been active for many years as rapporteur for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)-T SG15/Question 15 (Characteristics and Test Methods of Optical Fibers and Cables). Last year, Gardner also served as rapporteur for the new ITU-T Question 20 of SG15 (Optical Fibres and Cables for the Access Network to and in Buildings and Homes).

Cherin and Gardner have served the optical fiber and cable community with excellence-showing inspiring and high-quality leadership. On behalf of the many participants in these standards groups, I thank Allen and Bill for their great achievements.

Because of these resignations, new convenors/rapporteurs have been asked to fill the vacancies. Tom Hanson (Corning) has been appointed rapporteur of IEC SC86C/WG1 and will serve as rapporteur for ITU-T SG15/Question 15 (renumbered for the new study period 2004-08 in SG15/Question 5).

During the plenary meeting of IEC SC86A in Warsaw last September, yours truly was approved to convene IEC SC86A/WG1. James Refi (OFS) will continue his position as WG1 secretary. Dr. Pieter Matthijsse (Draka Comteq) has been appointed rapporteur for ITU-T SG15/Question 20 (renumbered for the new study period 2004-08 in SG15/Question 10).

Look for future reports in this column about the activities of these and other optical-fiber standards groups.

Gerard Kuytis product manager at Draka Comteq Optical Fibre, Netherlands, and convenor of IEC SC86A/WG1. He can be reached at g.kuyt@drakafibre.com.

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