CiDRA unveils new AgileWave products, announces strategic partnership with Fabrinet

March 13, 2002--CiDRA Corp. today announced a line of products that will provide both OEMs and the Test and Measurement market with game-changing technology, say company representatives.

CiDRA Corp. today announced a line of products that will provide both OEMs and the Test and Measurement market with game-changing technology, say company representatives. Products include advancements in the AgileWave Dynamic Spectral Equalizer and the Optical Channel Monitor as well as the introduction of three new AgileWave photonic instrument products designed for the optical test and measurement (T&M) market.

CiDRA has also unveiled its Specialty Fiber Services with a specialty fiber offering and has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Fabrinet.

"This announcement clearly underscores CiDRA's commitment to deliver scalable, future-proof product platforms to our customer base," contends Kevin Didden, president and chief executive officer of CiDRA. "With the new products for both our OEM and T&M customers and with Fabrinet's expertise in high-precision, high-volume, opto-mechanical manufacturing, CiDRA is delivering a comprehensive line of photonic solutions for next generation optical networks."

Products announced today include:

Optical Network Products

CiDRA's line of AgileWave OEM modules has been expanded to include modules capable of full C- and L-band performance and scalability to higher channel densities. At OFC 2002, CiDRA will publicly demonstrate an optical network product based on Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processor technology. CiDRA will be demonstrating its AgileWave Dynamic Spectral Equalizer (DSE), a fully programmable, high-resolution filter suitable for amplifier tilt, profile, banded or channel-by-channel power equalization. The company will also introduce an extended range C- and L-band version of the product that covers the 1520- to 1620-nm range.

CiDRA has also announced new extensions of its AgileWave Optical Channel Monitor (OCM) line with the addition of an OSNR measurement option, as well as a high-resolution version capable of monitoring 25-GHz spaced traffic. The self-calibrating feature of the Optical Channel Monitor allows for accurate wavelength measurement, says the company. With the new OSNR option, designed for 100-GHz and 50-GHz traffic diagnostics, the AgileWave Optical Channel Monitor family now extends into optical performance monitoring. The signal processing technique that provides the new OSNR capability is also applied to yield a high-resolution version AgileWave Optical Channel Monitor that can operate on DWDM systems with channel spacing down to 25 GHz.

OEM Optical Test Solutions for Test and Measurement

CiDRA also introduced a line of AgileWave photonic instruments, including stand-alone bench-top units and PC-interfaced modules for a wide range of R&D, manufacturing test, and network simulation, test, and monitoring applications. This AgileWave line includes the Tunable Bandpass Filter, the Programmable Spectral Filter, and the Optical Spectral Analyzer. CiDRA intends to bring these to market through channel partners.

The AgileWave Tunable Bandpass Filter covers the entire C- or L-band, and is capable of selecting and dropping 50-GHz optical channels to automate bit-error rate testing and other diagnostic tests.

The AgileWave Programmable Spectral Filter is a fully programmable filter capable of light source flattening or shaping with high spectral resolution, and channel dropping single, multiple, or bands of channels for optical component and subsystems testing.

The AgileWave Optical Spectral Analyzer is a fast scanning, low-cost spectral analyzer with high wavelength and power measurement accuracy. The analyzer presents a cost-effective measurement tool for production floor and installation and maintenance applications, contends the company.

Specialty Fiber

CiDRA's new line of specialty fiber products target optical component fabrication and manufacturing applications. These catalog fibers include 980/1550-nm singlemode fiber with high dimensional tolerances for device pigtailing and packaging, and a 980/1550-nm fused coupler fiber with a special glass dopant profile to yield stable, repeatable optical performance during the fusion-tapering process. In addition to the catalog offerings, CiDRA will also provide fiber fabrication service to OEM customers, working on advanced applications such as Raman gain fiber and micro-structured fiber.

Partnership with Fabrinet

CiDRA maintains a strategic partnership with Fabrinet, an Optical Manufacturing Service (OMS) provider. Fabrinet engineers and other key personnel co-locate at CiDRA's corporate facilities and are integrated into CiDRA's product realization teams immediately from the design definition phase. This ensures that manufacturability, quality, and a compelling cost advantage is built into the product design from the start and ensures a quick and smooth transition to high volume manufacturing at Fabrinet's world class facility in Thailand, explains the company.

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