Cogent Communications brings high-speed Internet access to Canada

November 7, 2002--Cogent Communications Group Inc. has opened its first office outside the United States in the central business district of Toronto, Ontario.

November 7, 2002--Cogent Communications Group Inc., a tier-one, next-generation optical Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Washington, DC, announced today that it has opened its first office outside the United States in the central business district of Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto will begin to receive high-speed Internet access at the same price point offered in the United States, except in Canadian dollars. For a flat monthly price of $1,000 CAD, commercial end-users in Toronto can enjoy a 100-Mbit/sec dedicated, non-oversubscribed Internet access connection. Service provider customers will also be able to enjoy significant cost savings under current market prices.

Service will be delivered by Cogent's wholly owned subsidiary Shared Technologies of Canada (STOC). Cogent acquired STOC through the acquisition of Allied Riser, its parent company, in the early part of 2002. Until now, STOC had primarily focused on voice-based services but, going forward, will focus on the significant opportunities in the data market in Toronto while continuing to support existing customers, claim company representatives.

"Shared Technologies provides Cogent with a powerful combination of an existing customer base and buildings already constructed with fiber," explains Dave Schaeffer, chief executive officer of Cogent Communications. "The core focus in Toronto will be for Cogent to bring its value proposition of radically priced, high quality bandwidth to tenants located in large office buildings in the central business district."

Toronto is Canada's largest city and its corporate capital with more nationally and internationally top-ranked companies than any other Canadian city. It also is the largest office market in Canada and larger than many other major American cities, making Toronto a perfect addition to Cogent's 20 other markets currently being served with 100-Mbit/sec and 1,000-Mbit/sec service in the United States.

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