Teem and NKT sign EDWA MSA for a 4-port gain block

13 September 2002 -- Teem Photonics and NKT Integration have announced a multi-source agreement to develop a 4-port fully integrated gain block for EDWA arrays.

13 September 2002 -- Grenoble-based Teem Photonics (which provides ultra-compact photonic solutions for high-bandwidth optical networks) and Copenhagen-based NKT Integration A/S (a fusion of the former IONAS A/S and CISILIAS A/S which supplies integrated photonic services and solutions) have announced a multi-source agreement (MSA) to develop a 4-port fully integrated gain block (sampling in Q1/2003). This consists of four separately controlled gain blocks in a 110x95x12mm3 module.

The agreement sets common product standards for form, fit and function in mechanical, optical and electrical interface parameters for integration into next-generation optical networks. This offers system integrators supply-line security from compatible erbium-doped waveguide amplifier (EDWA) manufacturers.

The small-form-factor 4-port EDWA array will integrate optical gain block functionality of passive and active sub-components based on photonic lightwave circuit (PLC) technology used by Teem and NKT. Such technology lends itself to a multi-port device due to its inherent capacity of integrating optical taps, filters, isolators and other sub-components on the same planar waveguide in the form of an optical chip.

Designed initially for metro single-channel and narrow-band applications, EDWA arrays offer higher levels of integration, greater packing density of components in systems, as well as increased functionality. They meet the need to substantially save space in future OADM (optical add/drop multiplexer), ROADM (reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer), and OXC (optical cross connect) designs, where higher port count and signal routing flexibility will be important.

"Through this MSA, we have standardised this innovation in order to ensure simpler design guidelines and reliable supply chains for system integrators," says NKT Integration's CEO Jacob Philipsen.
Teem's Product Line Manager for Active Products, Andrew Benn says "We are confident that this MSA will act as a catalyst towards design engineers solving the problem of high losses in next-generation optical node architectures".


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