'First' UK carrier to offer voice over IP network

2 September 2002 -- Tiscali UK, the Internet communications company, claims to be the first UK service provider to carry commercial voice traffic on a carrier-grade voice over IP network.

2 September 2002 -- Tiscali UK, the Internet communication company, is claiming to be the first UK service provider to carry live, commercial voice traffic on a single, consolidated, carrier-grade voice over IP network. It has recently activated its new service based on Succession softswitches from Nortel Networks.

Nortel's Succession Communication Server 2000 softswitch controls how voice traffic traverses the network, enabling Tiscali to cut operational costs while delivering new, multimedia IP services. It also extends geographical coverage by enabling use of smaller footprint "media gateways" as points-of-presence under centralised control, claims Nortel.

"We are changing the way phone services can be delivered by eliminating the need for separate voice and data networks," said Stephane Huet, chief operating officer, Tiscali UK. "This agreement will allow us to deliver a 2.5Gbit/s network with 18 points-of-presence in cities across the UK, and to handle growing customer demand for IP and voice services."

Colin Doherty, president, carrier voice over IP and data services, Nortel Networks EMEA , added, "All voice calls will eventually be carried over converged, packet networks. Tiscali has first-adopter advantage in accommodating customer growth and delivering new voice services."

Voice over IP enables voice traffic to be broken down into smaller pieces and sent as data packets, allowing carriers to operate more cost-effectively and efficiently by using a common packet network to carry voice, data and video traffic.

All of Tiscali UK's 18 locations use products from Nortel Networks voice over IP portfolio, including Succession Communication Server 2000 softswitches. Tiscali UK forms part of Tiscali SpA., headquartered in Cagliari, Italy. The UK company was launched in July 2001 following the acquisitions of Liberty Surf, World Online and LineOne. Most recently, Tiscali UK acquired Tiny and Gateway ISP. Tiscali UK is positioned within the UK market as the fourth largest ISP.


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