Gore to sell its fibre-optic business

3 September 2002 -- W. L. Gore & Associates is to sell its fibre-optic business as it refocuses on its core high-performance electrical interconnect and materials technology.

3 September 2002 -- W. L. Gore & Associates Inc is to sell its fibre-optic business. "We are refocusing Gore's electronic components business on high-performance electrical interconnects and materials, our core technology," says Russell Shaller, general manager of Gore Photonics.

"As we seek interested buyers for the fibre-optic business, we will continue to fully support the needs of our customers and meet our commitments to them," he adds.

Gore Photonics is a developer of VCSEL-based parallel optic arrays for very short reach interconnection between electronic components and systems. In addition to its 850nm VCSEL technology, it claims that it has demonstrated the world's highest-power optically pumped 1310nm VCSEL structure, extends the technology into longer-range applications.

Despite the industry downturn, Gore Photonics claims robust sales growth from its family of nLIGHTEN parallel optic products. It says it is one of only two parallel optic component manufacturers to have successfully launched 12 x 1.25Gbit/s modules, and is currently shipping them for use in production systems.

Gore says it is one of three voting participants in the industry standard SNAP-12 multi-source agreement (MSA) for 12 x 2.7Gbit/s modules, and that it has licensed the only other production-qualified parallel optic module format based on a four-wide design originating from Alvesta. Also, it has licensed and initiated sales of an OC-192 transponder based on the 12 x 1.25Gbit/s optical module.


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