Level 3 to provide network services to NetCologne

Sept. 18, 2003
18 September 2003 London Lightwave Europe -- Level 3 Communications, Inc. today announced that it is providing network services to NetCologne, one of the leading regional carriers in Germany.

18 September 2003 London Lightwave Europe -- Level 3 Communications is to provide network services to NetCologne, one of the leading regional carriers in Germany.

Under the terms of the contract, NetCologne will employ (3)CrossRoads, a wholesale IP transit service, to connect its customers to content on the Level 3 network, and to content that's delivered over the other networks that comprise the public Internet. In addition, NetCologne has also purchased (3)Link Private Line and (3)Flex Ethernet services from Level 3.

NetCologne operates a fibre-optic city network of more than 2,000 km within Cologne, offering telecommunications services, fixed and data connections as well as Internet services to more than 150,000 customers.

"We are pleased to be expanding our relationship with Level 3," said Stephan Bramey, product line manager for NetCologne. "Additionally, the premium performance, reliability and scalability of Level 3's services enables us to cost effectively continue providing our customers with the highest quality service."

"NetCologne is one of the most successful regional carriers in Germany," said Brady Rafuse, president of Level 3 in Europe. "We are firmly committed to meeting NetCologne's needs for high-quality network performance, and look forward to working with them to help deliver their wide range of services."

Level 3 operates a 10Gbit IP backbone that spans 62 U.S. markets and 16 European markets, and is accessible from more than 550 traffic aggregation points. High capacity, scalable peering interconnections, and ongoing upgradeability help to ensure that the Level 3 Network maintains uncongested connectivity to the world's largest Internet networks.

(3)Flex Ethernet, introduced earlier today, enables customers to extend Ethernet's ease of use from the LAN to the WAN and supports growing needs for bandwidth through a cost effective, secure solution that offers high performance guarantees.

The product is a Layer 2 based managed Ethernet wide area networking (WAN) service. Customers can purchase (3)Flex Ethernet from Level 3 in more than 75 major markets in the U.S. and Europe.

Level 3 provides dedicated point-to-point (3)Link Private Line service in 68 North American and 16 European markets. This service is ideal for customers with multiple locations who need to transport high volumes of voice, video, or data over a secure network.

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