Nortel launches VPN Framework solutions for service providers

19 June 2003 Atlanta GA Lightwave Europe--Nortel Networks has introduced a new Virtual Private Network services framework for service providers that supports delivery of new services over existing packet infrastructure.

- VPN enablement provides holistic approach to driving service innovation, profitability

19 June 2003 Atlanta GA Lightwave Europe--Nortel Networks has introduced a new Virtual Private Network services framework for service providers that supports delivery of new services over existing packet infrastructure.

The VPN Enablement framework is comprises three distinct parts: leveraging existing infrastructure investments to help service providers drive additional, near-term revenue opportunities; delivering new VPN services to help service providers drive revenue enhancement; and offering a blueprint to help service providers fully engage enterprise customers.

Historically, spending on Internet Protocol VPN service has been directed largely at "do-it-yourself" solutions, rather than carrier-managed VPN services. But new market opportunities are expected to arise for service providers as enterprises recognise the inherent benefits of managed or hosted VPN services.

"Service providers today are on the wrong side of the enterprise spending divide," said Zeus Kerravala, vice president, Enterprise Infrastructure, Yankee Group.

"We are now at an inflection point in the VPN market, where the technology choices service providers make will ultimately decide which side of that spending divide they will stay on. Nortel Networks is introducing a VPN roadmap that will help service providers transform packet networks into revenue engines by aligning enterprise customers with the right VPN service offering."

As part of its VPN Enablement framework, Nortel Networks has introduced four new VPN solutions and technology enhancements:

Network-based IP VPN with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) remote access � Nortel Networks is the first vendor to bridge the gap between point-to-point SSL service and hosted IP VPN service.

Adding Nortel Networks Alteon SSL remote access capability to a Nortel Networks Shasta network-based IP VPN will allow end-users to remotely access the VPN using either a standard browser equipped with SSL (any browser-equipped device on the Internet) or their current Nortel Networks Contivity VPN client. This is the first time IPSec and SSL-based VPNs have been merged in a single IP Services platform.

Leveraging Ethernet to extend IP VPNs
Nortel's Passport Multiservice WANs, working in concert with Optical Ethernet networks, will provide choice and added value for both service providers and end customers. The simplicity of Ethernet, coupled with the span of existing ATM core networks and availability of Frame Relay services, will provide a powerful evolution path.

IPSec encryption of Network-based IP VPN � Introduction of Frame Relay interfaces on Contivity allows new VPN deployment options that will enable service providers to encrypt the last mile of a Passport multiservice network-based IP VPN or Frame Relay service.

This will give enterprises end-to-end encryption and strong quality of service (QoS). Enterprises will also be able to expand the reach of their service by securely connecting branch offices across the Internet via Contivity tunneling.

Enhanced network-based IP VPN capabilities
Carrier-grade software enhancements to Nortel Networks Passport Multiservice Switches have increased the scale, scope, performance and reliability of the Passport IP VPN solution.

These enhancements will help position service providers to drive differentiated service offerings and decreased cost of operation. All of these enhanced capabilities on Passport will be generally available in the third quarter of 2003.

"Nortel Networks continues to demonstrate leadership in the evolution of VPN services and VPN standards," said Al Safarikas, vice president, marketing, Wireline Networks, Nortel Networks.

"We are combining the strengths within our broad portfolio of VPN solutions to create new services that can fully address customer needs. We have outlined for service providers a VPN framework that consists of multiple managed VPN delivery models, and will ultimately help enterprises to move from vision to value in both the near and long term."

Nortel says it is continuing to build on its commitment to deliver secure, hybrid IP VPN solutions that are more cost effective for service providers. Nortel Networks VPN solutions work with virtually all network infrastructures, and span the continuum from self-managed to fully-managed solutions. The IP VPN portfolio offers service providers one of the industry's broadest selections of VPN solutions, spanning technology types and protocols.

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