LaserBit unveils GigaPico, first member of an ultra high bandwith FSO product series

Dec. 3, 2003
3 December 2003 Budapest Lightwave Europe -- LaserBit Communications unveiled the GigaPico, the first free-space-optics (FSO) system in the LaserBit GBit product series.

3 December 2003 Budapest Lightwave Europe -- LaserBit Communications unveiled the GigaPico, the first free-space-optics (FSO) system in the LaserBit GBit product series. Building on LaserBit's Pinto series, the GigaPico supports Gigabit Ethernet at full duplex for up to 200 meters.

Benefitting from more than a decade of research and development, LaserBit's FSO laser links are capable of error-free transmission of voice, video, and data. The signal is secure, robust and eye safe.

GigaPico can deliver ultra high bandwith connectivity that is unique to free space laser-based systems. GigaPico requires no adjustment or configuration on site. In addition, GigaPico eliminates the need to install cables, pay rental costs or comply with licensing requirements. As a member of the GBit systems series, GigaPico comes equipped with an IP-based, SNMP-compatible device management package that allows remote control and monitoring of the equipment.

GigaPico posseses all the cutting-edge advantages of laser-based FSO products. Unlike other wireless technologies, LaserBit systems do not require frequency licenses since they use infrared light as a transmission medium, which is unaffected by electro-magnetic interference. FSO is more secure than other technologies, because the concentrated laser beam is extremely hard to tap, even to discover. The transparent and wire speed data transfer, together with virtually zero latency, assure the easy integration of the system in all environments.

The total cost of ownership on LaserBit links is low with a rapid return on investment, enabling network professionals to find a range of applications for the GBit series. Typical applications include:

• Replacing existing fiber connections that are unreliable or expensive
• Viable alternative for situations where fiber is not available
• Interconnecting LANs in a campus or industrial environment
• Backbone connectivity in metropolitan or 3G wireless networks
• Enabling high bandwidth connections to the Internet
• VoIP applications
• As an emergency backup to fiber or, due to its quick and easy deployment, as a temporary or emergency installation.

The LaserBit GBit system is comprised of two laser heads, two outdoor interconnection units (OIU) and two sets of interconnection cables ¿ one at each end. The laser heads are installed outdoors, where a clear optical path exists between the two sites. Next to the head, the OIU provides fast and easy interconnection between the laser head and the cable coming from the network equipment. The OIU also houses the system's power supply unit and network interface. The power supply unit provides the low voltage power required to operate the laser head while the data port offers direct connectivity for standard network equipments. A variety of standard fiber interfaces are available for easy network integration.

The system contains a built-in signal monitoring unit, which features a visual signal strength indicator and LINK status information, accessible on the rear of the head assembly. The optional IP-based management hardware is placed in an indoor interconnection unit (IDU). The bar graph of the IDU displays the actual signal strength level while the LED indicators show the presence of minor or major alarm condition.

With the help of the relay contacts, an external alarm monitoring equipment may be connected to the system to further process the alarm signals. LaserBit's BitView software allows the monitoring of the link's operation through a proprietary graphical interface via Ethernet or RS-232 ports or a third party SNMP manager via TCP/IP connection.

Industry standard fiber-optic interfaces and a clear upgrade path for higher bandwidth protect the customer's investments in LaserBit systems. Moreover, GBit systems offer high level of network flexibility due to their extremely fast and easy installation method, which makes them ideal for following network topology changes.
LaserBit GigaPico FSO system

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