D&E Communications selects Coriolis Networks' multi-service platform to deliver Ethernet services

Oct. 20, 2003
20 October 2003 Boxborough, MA Lightwave - Coriolis Networks announced that D&E Communications, a provider of integrated communications services in central and eastern Pennsylvania, is deploying its OptiFlow platform as part of an Ethernet MAN for Lancaster General Hospital.

20 October 2003 Boxborough, MA Lightwave - Coriolis Networks announced that D&E Communications, a provider of integrated communications services in central and eastern Pennsylvania, is deploying its OptiFlow platform as part of its Ethernet MAN for Lancaster General Hospital. D&E is using the Coriolis' platform to deliver gigabit Ethernet and 10/100BaseT Ethernet connections to multiple locations in the Lancaster area.

Ethernet service applications will include transparent local area network (LAN) service, Internet access and Ethernet private line services. These services will enable D&E to deliver a customizable service package to the hospital combining guaranteed bandwidth and burst bandwidth. D&E is deploying the service beginning this month.

"Coriolis' OptiFlow platform enables us to provision and deliver a number of services - including Ethernet - in a highly economical way," said Albert H. Kramer, D&E's senior vice president, operations. "This technology allows us to provide service packages tailored specifically to meet the needs of customers, such as Lancaster General Hospital, including providing a fully redundant SONET ring to support Lancaster General's clinical and business needs."

D&E has deployed the Coriolis' OptiFlow 3000 hub unit and a number of OptiFlow 1015 service units in an OC-48 access ring. The service units will enable D&E to turn-up gigabit Ethernet and 10/100-Mbit/sec Ethernet service interfaces to each site as required.

"The growth of metro Ethernet services over existing SONET infrastructures is allowing service providers to optimize their networks and increase revenues. For D&E, the Coriolis OptiFlow platform is an effective solution with multiple methods of achieving this goal. One of the benefits of this equipment is that it provides simpler and faster provisioning of higher bandwidth services to enterprise customers," noted Brian Van Steen, principal of PointEast Research.

"Coriolis helps service providers like D&E create new revenue streams by providing a converged network that efficiently carries voice traffic in a next-generation SONET/SDH network, while providing a highly bandwidth-efficient method of carrying data over the same network," said Robert L. Castle, president and CEO, Coriolis Networks. "We are pleased to partner with D&E to improve their ability to deliver new cost-effective services such as Ethernet."

With the flexible services offered through the Coriolis platform, D&E can provide its customers with a guaranteed amount of bandwidth combined with burst bandwidth to satisfy enterprise applications that are by their nature very bursty in terms of bandwidth usage over time. OptiFlow also allows for real-time dynamic bandwidth use, so when a circuit is not using its burst capacity, that bandwidth is re-allocated for another circuit's use on the same network. OptiFlow handles allocation of bandwidth for bursts automatically without any operations staff involvement.

Leveraging a carrier's existing fiber, OptiFlow increases the amount of bandwidth resulting in maximized return on infrastructure investments and reduced operating costs. With the Coriolis platform, D&E is able to customize their data transport services for each of their customers' particular needs and can accommodate growing data needs without additional wiring or truck rolls.

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