China Great Wall Broadband Network Service integrates free space optics from Terabeam

15 July 2003 Shanghai, China and Redmond WA Lightwave Europe -- Great Wall Broadband Network Service is to extend its broadband network in 15 cities throughout China with wireless systems from Terabeam.

- China's largest Internet Broadband Service Provider purchases multiple FSO links

15 July 2003 Shanghai, China and Redmond WA -- Great Wall Broadband Network Service, a leading broadband Internet service provider in China, is to extend its broadband network in 15 cities throughout China with wireless systems from Terabeam.

At a news conference in Shanghai, GWBN Vice General Manager Kevin Ren announced that his company will accelerate the construction of its network for broadband Internet services with approximately 250 Terabeam links in the next two years. Terms were not disclosed.

GWBN will use Terabeam's free space optics systems to expand its broadband Internet networks and applications. GWBN has purchased its first free space optics (FSO) links for wireless communication using the Terabeam's Elliptica.

"We're pleased that GWBN has selected Terabeam's systems for deployment in 15 major Chinese cities," said Terabeam chairman, president and CEO Dan Hesse. "Our systems are ideal for solving high-capacity broadband needs throughout Asia."

With Terabeam's systems, GWBN can promptly provide reliable broadband services to large and medium size businesses and large residential communities, especially in those areas where fibre optic cabling is difficult or expensive to lay.

The first several Terabeam links for GWBN are in Shanghai and the Chongqing metropolitan area, one of the most prominent and fastest growing district cities in China. GWBN will use Terabeam's initial wireless links to extend its metropolitan area network across the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers.

Terabeam's carrier class wireless products send data through the air rather than through cables. Its free space optics systems send broadband data on an invisible light beam. High frequency millimetre wave systems transmit and receive data via high frequency 60-GHz radios.

Terabeam's products provide high-speed broadband connectivity to telecommunications carriers and enterprises without the high expense and delays of digging and laying fibre-optic cabling. The company is ISO 9001 registered and certified.

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