Quantum Bridge introduces new optical access switch

March 5, 2001
Mar. 5, 2001--Quantum Bridge Communications, Inc. announced the QB3000 optical access switch), a carrier-class platform that enables service providers to support the total communications requirements of small and medium business customers located in Multi-Tenant Units (MTUs) and Campus environments.

Quantum Bridge Communications, Inc., a developer of optical access networking solutions, announced the QB3000 Optical Access Switch (OAS), a carrier-class platform that enables service providers to support the total communications requirements of small and medium business customers located in Multi-Tenant Units (MTUs) and Campus environments. Based on the industry-proven architecture of the QB5000 Optical Access Switch, the QB3000 delivers a full range of high-bandwidth data, voice and private line services to building tenants via survivable optical links, while serving as a platform for extending optical access services to other customers in the vicinity of the MTU.

Leveraging a proven design, the QB3000 accommmodates all of the interface cards used in the QB5000, ensuring customers architectural interoperability and flexibility in their deployments. Also being introduced with the QB3000 are two new high-density access cards designed especially to allow service providers to meet the service and security requirements of serving multiple tenants in a building. The first, a fully functional 24-port Ethernet switch, serves each tenant's high-speed data requirements from Internet access to TLAN/VLAN services with full per tenant and/or per port bandwidth control as well as security to ensure each tenant receives the purchased service quality. The other card, a 16 port T-1/E-1 card, delivers voice and private line services by connecting to in-building service provider and/or customer premise equipment.

With the introduction of the QB3000, Quantum Bridge's existing and new technologies are combined to create a flexible multi-service access platform that is designed and priced specifically for smaller locations and provides a clear upgrade strategy for higher density applications. Deployed in a building basement or a service provider Point of Presence (POP), the QB3000 can extend flexible broadband services directly to the tenants in the building while serving as a platform to extend broadband services to neighboring businesses via PON. Further leveraging the full range of OAS capabilities, the QB3000 can also extend direct high-bandwidth services to larger businesses via dedicated OC-3/OC-12 connections, and converged voice and data services via an ATM/TDM gateway enabling efficient interconnection of services between a carrier's ATM and TDM infrastructures.

The QB3000 is optimized for deployment in MTU buildings and on Campuses to support the full range of unique service requirements of the business customer tenants at those locations. With its 24 port 10/100 BaseTx Ethernet switch module and 16 port T1/E1 service interface card, the QB3000 is equipped to deliver the high-bandwidth data, voice and private line services that business customers demand. Further, as a carrier-class service delivery platform designed to serve multiple tenants at a single location, the QB3000 provides comprehensive security and bandwidth control to facilitate secure service delivery to each tenant and guaranteed QoS to a contracted service level.

The 24 port 10/100 base TX Ethernet card enables Ethernet data services to each building tenant with a rich feature set including Per Port or Per Tenant VLANs, Rate Limiting, Spanning Tree Protocol, and Service Matched QoS. These features allow each tenant to maintain an independent LAN without compromising security or exceeding provisioned bandwidth while enabling flexible QoS assurance to meet the unique service needs of each tenant. These features also combat potentially destructive denial of service attacks.

With its ability to support integrated voice and data services, Passive Optical Networking and survivable optical networking, the QB3000 is an ideal Virtual POP solution for carriers seeking to serve high-density business locations with high-bandwidth services. The QB3000 can be deployed in the basement of an MTU to provide services to the MTU tenants, while at the same time extending PON to serve surrounding buildings.

As a lower-cost, small form-factor Optical Access Switch (OAS), the QB3000 is the ideal Remote PON platform for extending PON services beyond its usual 20 km distance limitation. In this "mini-OAS" role, the QB3000 allows carriers to deploy a survivable access infrastructure over a variety of access media including fiber, free space optics and broadband wireless links.

About Quantum Bridge Communications:

Quantum Bridge Communications, headquartered in Andover, Mass., is a provider of optical access systems designed to address the bandwidth bottlenecks in access networks. For more information, visit www.quantumbridge.com.