ZettaCom introduces multiservice OC-192 reference system

Aug. 13, 2001
Aug. 13, 2001--ZettaCom developed the reference system to highlight the strengths of ZettaCom's ZEST, a hybrid terabit switching fabric, and ZEN-QM traffic manager.

ZettaCom, Inc., a supplier of high-performance and configurable optical silicon solutions, introduced the ZettaCom reference system, ZRS-1, designed to showcase a complete hardware and software environment for embedded designs using ZettaCom commIC products such as the ZEST hybrid terabit switch fabric and ZEN service processor families, both commercially available. ZRS-1 helps to shorten system vendors' time-to-market by providing a development platform for early software and common equipment verification.

ZettaCom developed the reference system to highlight the strengths of ZettaCom's ZEST, a hybrid terabit switching fabric, and ZEN-QM traffic manager. The ZettaCom Reference System supports scalable traffic management line cards, from simplex to duplex mode. The ZEST-LXI on the line card LCSX-200 uses the industry standard CSIX interface to operate seamlessly with the ZEN-QM chipset in full duplex mode. Each line card supports total user defined full duplex bandwidth of 10Gbps (OC-192) for different protocols: ATM, IP, MPLS, and Ethernet. ZettaCom's single shelf system with four line cards supports total system bandwidth of 40 Gbps. It has two switch cards in the system each with 4-port 40 Gbps bandwidth. With subsequent versions, support for a multi-shelf configuration with a total bandwidth of over 1 Tbps will be added. In addition, the ZRS-1 reference system also shows the very significant savings in power and space that can be achieved with ZettaCom's highly integrated solution.

The 19-inch rack system's unique architecture demonstrates openness and ease-of-integration in a high-end network system environment. Different network processors, optics cards, and framers can be combined to demonstrate interoperability of all ZettaCom components and third party devices, which are optimized for various niches in optical networking. Reference design kits are available, which include schematics and board layout files, as well as software drivers and APIs.

Inside the Technology: Universal Switch Architecture

ZettaCom delivers a powerful fiber-to-fiber solution, with high performance in protocol processing and data switching. Based on its Universal Switch Architecture, the product set enables ZettaCom's partners to develop a highly scalable, multi-protocol system with carrier-class reliability and a secure migration path to new services and higher speeds, such as OC-768.

The Universal Switch Architecture, comprised of the ZEST and ZEN product families, is optimized to handle the requirements of the emerging multiservice optical infrastructure and its high-density OC-12 to OC-192 services. The ZEST family has unparalleled data switching capacity, while the ZEN family provides the best-in-class features and performance in protocol processing. Both product families offer the highest integration in the industry, providing the advantages of low cost, unparalleled power and high reliability. ZEN and ZEST families support open interfaces to allow for maximum implementation flexibility, interfacing to each other or to other vendors' solutions.

About ZettaCom, Inc.:

ZettaCom provides Optical Silicon solutions, specialized ICs that provides the hardware intelligence within an optical network system. For more information, visit www.zettacom.com.

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