Alcatel Optronics purchases Tektronix' communication signal analyzers for optical laser component testing

Aug. 17, 2001
Aug. 17, 2001--Alcatel Optronics is using the Tektronix CSA8000 high-speed communication signal analyzer to develop and manufacture laser components that meet the industry's optical standards.

Tektronix, Inc. (NYSE: TEK) , a provider of test and measurement equipment for optical component and equipment manufacturers, announced that Alcatel Optronics, a provider of next-generation network services and optoelectronic components, has purchased Tektronix' communications signal analyzers to test optical laser components.

Alcatel Optronics, headquartered in France, is using the Tektronix CSA8000 high-speed communication signal analyzer to develop and manufacture laser components that meet the industry's optical standards. To meet these high performance requirements, test equipment must offer flexibility in addressing multiple standards and provide for more capacity and faster transmission in an optical network. With the ability to test at up to 40 Gigabits per second (Gb/s) and to adjust to emerging standards, the Tektronix CSA8000 communication signal analyzer enables Alcatel to remain competitive as standards and end user demand increase in the optical industry.

"In the race to expand data capacity and provide faster networks, component manufacturers need flexibility in their test equipment and the capability to test at increasingly higher rates. Partnering with Alcatel Optronics allows Tektronix to anticipate these specific needs of its customers as they develop next-generation optical networks," said David Churchill, vice president, Optical Business Unit, Tektronix Inc. "Tektronix has responded to these requirements with the CSA8000 which helps manufacturers go beyond just raw data results to give measurements that include specific, statistical information."

"We will use the CSA8000 on our test benches for production testing of our new 10Gb/s optical interfaces. The CSA8000's Windows platform with its Ethernet ports and its capability to store traces were major factors in our decision to purchase this product," said Philippe Bregi, COO, Alcatel Optronics.

The CSA8000 is part of the 8000 Series family of sampling oscilloscopes that includes the TDS8000 and a full complement of optical and electrical sampling modules. The 8000 Series provides comprehensive measurement capabilities with bandwidths of up to 50 GHz optical and electrical. With exceptional vertical resolution, a fast update rate and a Windows user interface, the 8000 Series is a powerful measurement system for high-speed optical communications, TDR characterization of circuit boards, IC packages and cables and semiconductor testing.

About Alcatel Optronics:

Alcatel Optronics designs, manufactures and sells high performance optical components, modules and integrated sub-systems for use in terrestrial and submarine optical telecommunications networks. For more information, visit

About Tektronix:

Tektronix, Inc. is a test, measurement and monitoring company providing measurement solutions to the telecommunications, computer and semiconductor industries. For more information, visit

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