Alpha announces high-performance InP-based process for optical applications

Aug. 14, 2001--Alpha Industries, Inc. introduced its advanced InP-based heterojunction bipolar transistor process for high-performance wireless and optical applications.

Alpha Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AHAA) introduced its advanced InP-based HBT (Indium Phosphide heterojunction bipolar transistor) process for high-performance wireless and optical applications.

InP's thermal properties, threshold voltages and frequency response rate deliver key performance advantages over competing technologies, including the ability to manufacture smaller and more power efficient products. Equally important, InP enables the integration of optical devices and electronic components.

Alpha's InP process uses the automated production line at the Company's Sunnyvale, California wafer fabrication facility. Among the first products Alpha intends to develop using InP HBT technology are integrated circuits for the transmission and receive path in 40 Gb/s networks.

About Alpha:

Alpha Industries is a provider of RF integrated circuit-based solutions, including semiconductors and ceramic components, for the broadband and wireless communications markets. For more information, visit

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