Agilent's "Dreams Made Real" tour enters second phase, travels U.S. and Canada

Aug. 7, 2001--Phase II of Agilent's "Dreams Made Real" tour recently rolled out of California, headed for stops all over the United States and Canada.

By Mardi Balgochian Scalise, Lightwave Web Editor

Initially launched this past May, Agilent Technologies began Phase I of its "Dreams Made Real" tour . The tour -- centered aboard a solution-filled, high-tech truck -- stopped at approximately 60 fiber optic component manufacturers and communications equipment manufacturers within the United States.

The tour was designed to bring Agilent's test and measurement solutions directly to customers who were able to speak one-on-one with Agilent experts and field engineers who attend the stops and explain the solutions and products displayed on the truck. Customers were provided with the expertise of Agilent's engineers to make their "communication dreams real," a slogan customers will see when the high-tech truck pulls up to their location.

Phase II of the Dreams Made Real tour recently rolled out of California on July 25, 2001, headed for stops all over the United States and Canada. The 53-foot vehicle, outfitted with high-tech demonstration kiosks, will stop at more than one hundred customer locations in North America.

Featuring Communications Test Solutions, the Dreams Made Real tour augments the opportunity for customers in fiber optics, to meet face-to-face with Agilent experts and see product demonstrations and ask important, technical questions regarding testing of optical components while onboard the truck. The truck is solely dedicated to showcasing lightwave test and measurement equipment from the Agilent's worldwide Communications Solutions Group (CSG).

Equipment on board Phase II of the Dreams Made Real truck are presented by appropriate Agilent business divisions:

SGDU: Passive Component Test (PCT)

LWD: 86030A LCA-Characterization of 40 Gbit/s Lightwave

Components, such as Optical Receivers/Optical Modulators

LWD: 86130A - Bit Alyzer Error Analysis

LWD: 86082A WDCA - Wavelength Domain Component Analysis - DWDM Filter Adjustments - DWDM Filter Test

LWD: 86037C CD/PMD bundle

LWD: OmniBER - Test solutions for SONET/SDH device, line card and system testing

LWD: 86142 OSA

LWD: 86100A DC - Comprehensive waveform analysis


BVS: 81250 ParBERT

OCMD: 8163B - Connector Quality Verification - IL/RL test set, dual wavelength

OCMD: Fast Update for Process Control - 8164A, PFL software, DWDM Interleaver

OCMD: Mux/Demux Test

Phase II of the Dreams Made Real tour is scheduled from July 25, 2001 to November 15,2001 and will stop at emerging and established lightwave component manufacturers and communications equipment manufacturers. New to this phase is the addition of Agilent's seven Lightwave Symposiums scheduled in conjunction with the truck stops in seven major U.S. cities during the four-month tour.

At the Lightwave Symposiums, Agilent experts will present the following technical papers and discussions:

* Beyond Bit Error Ration -- Gain New Insight from Studying Error Distribution

* Making OSNR Measurements of High-Speed Lightwave Systems

* Dispersion Measurements of High-Speed Lightwave Systems

* Testing DWDM Passive Optical Components

* Effective Ways of Testing BER on 40 Gb/s High-Speed Interface Devices

* Return-to-Zero Measurement Methodologies for 10 and 40 Gb/s Waveforms.

The seven symposiums along Phase II of the Dreams Made Real tour began August 2 in Baltimore and continue in the following cities:

* August 9 - Piscataway, NJ

* August 30 - Westford, MA

* October 18 - Plano, TX

* October 23 - Boulder, CO

* November 8 - Mountain View, CA

* November 14 - Petaluma, CA

About Agilent Technologies:

Agilent Technologies is a diversified technology company serving customers in more than 120 countries. Agilent designs and manufactures test, measurement and monitoring instruments, systems and solutions, and semiconductor and optical components. For more information, visit For more information on Agilent's Lightwave Symposium, visit

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