IMC Networks announces Ethernet services product platform for metropolitan service providers

Sept. 13, 2001--IMC Networks, a manufacturer of fiber optic connectivity and bandwidth management solutions, announced its Ethernet Services product platform.

IMC Networks, a manufacturer of fiber optic connectivity and bandwidth management solutions, announced its Ethernet Services product platform that speeds up the deployment and reduces the cost of provisioning optical Ethernet-based services in new markets.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of the evolving optical Ethernet-based service providers, "EtherLECs," this new product platform is based on a combination of IMC Networks' fiber optic connectivity, IP-multiplexing and bandwidth management technologies residing at the service provider Central Office or Point of Presence as well as at the customer premises.

By using a combination of Ethernet Services modules, service providers are able to decrease the time it takes to provision remotely managed and bandwidth scalable fiber runs directly to their customers' doorsteps.

The Ethernet Services product platform is based on IMC Networks standards-compliant product architecture that seamlessly works with other standards-based MAN switching and routing products. The foundation for the product platform is IMC Networks' PowerChassis line: PowerChassis/113 for Central Office applications and the PowerChassis/101 for the customer premises. By installing the appropriate Ethernet Services application modules into the PowerChassis, service providers can overcome many of the challenges in deploying service, allocating bandwidth and managing the fiber optic connections in both point-to-point and ring topologies.

Optical Networking Applications for the Ethernet Services Product Platform:

* End-to-End Fiber Management: Utilizing IMC Networks' FiberLinX modules, service providers can quickly provision managed fiber optic connections between two locations. FiberLinX enables remote management of both end-points as a single entity without requiring physical access to the customer site. FiberLinX uses in-band SNMP technology to monitor link condition and ensure customer data integrity. FiberLinX modules are available in 10Mbps and 100Mbps versions.

* Bandwidth Control and Allocation: Coupled with the Ethernet Services product platform, the ipMux TX/5 allows service providers to allocate bandwidth to customers in multi-tenant office buildings by splitting one high-speed WAN connection between multiple customers. ipMux TX/5 bi-directional bandwidth control technology enables exact allocation of bandwidth for users, enabling service providers to charge for bandwidth based on customer demand. ipMux TX/5 features remote management, and customer link speeds can be adjusted in seconds up to 100Mbps.

* Connecting New Locations to GbE Fiber Rings: FiberChain, a Gigabit Fiber Multiplexer allows patching into existing single-mode Gigabit fiber rings to provide new 100Mbps access points where and when they are needed. FiberChain features two Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-LX MAN/WAN ports to connect the device to the MAN fiber infrastructure and four 10/100 100Base-TX ports to connect to the customer network.

Available during the 4th quarter, the estimated list prices for the Ethernet Services product platform include:

* PowerChassis/101 for Customer Premises applications $300.

* PowerChassis/113 for Central Office applications $1,500.

* End-to-End Fiber Management: FiberLinX 10Mbps module base list price $800.

* End-to-End Fiber Management: FiberLinX 100Mbps module base list price $1,210.

* Bandwidth Control and Allocation: ipMux TX/5 base list price $1,400.

* Connecting New Locations to GbE Fiber Rings: FiberChain base list price $3,550.

About IMC Networks:

IMC Networks is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of hardware for Local, Wide and Metropolitan area network installations. For more information, visit

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