Acterna introduces pocket-sized light source to optimize network performance

Sept. 4, 2001--Acterna's OLS-6 light source is now available in a 1550/1625nm version.

Acterna's OLS-6 light source is now available in a 1550/1625nm version. This latest addition to the popular range of pocket-sized field instruments facilitates the detection of fiber bending effects in DWDM networks.

OLS-6 is a handheld light source with two fiber optic output ports. It is designed for use with an optical power meter, for measurement of loss in fiber networks. Its size and simple three-button operation make it ideal for installation and maintenance.

Fiber bending can affect the performance of a DWDM network. The new OLS-6 can be used to make loss measurements at 1625nm. This allows the detection and monitoring of such bending effects for optimization of network performance.

All the instruments in the OLS-6 range feature an internal launch fiber. This provides a very stable power coupling between the port and the measurement cable, for excellent repeatability of measurement. The stability of the built-in laser means that, unlike some competitive offerings, OLS-6 does not require repeated reference measurements to maintain accuracy.

About Acterna:

Acterna is a provider of test and management solutions for optical transport, access and cable networks. For more information, visit

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