Pentagon to install Holocom Networks' secured communication systems

Sept. 18, 2001--In light of the September 11 assault, the Pentagon has chosen Holocom Networks' secured communication systems to protect official information.

Holocom Networks, a provider of patented "final 300 feet to the desktop" communications infrastructure solutions, has been asked to supply 1000 of its proprietary Secured Desktop Gateway communication enclosures immediately for use in the Pentagon. Holocom will deliver the systems to the Pentagon beginning this week, and will assist with the installation of the security devices as soon as they arrive in Washington.

The Pentagon contacted Holocom Networks to help assure the security of information at Pentagon workstations. The Holocom secured communication enclosures will be installed at desktops connected to national high-security networks. The National Intelligence Security Agency, an independent agency, is directing a wide range of efforts to tighten security throughout the country and government.

Holocom offered a significant reduction in the company's GSA pricing during the emergency renovation program at the Pentagon. Future orders of the Secured Desktop Gateway, as well as other Holocom products, are expected to be part of the Pentagon rebuilding project over the next several months. The Pentagon has chosen Holocom's infrastructure solutions because they provide a means of creating an instant network.

"Like many others throughout the country, we are honored that our products have been chosen to contribute to the rebuilding of this vital national asset," states Holocom CEO, Renney Senn. "In addition to our emergency efforts in Washington D.C., Holocom is actively working with companies in the New York City area to help restore critical communication infrastructures affected by this catastrophe."

About Holocom Networks:

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