Corvis enhances all-optical product suite

June 1, 2001
June 1, 2001--Corvis Corporation announced further capacity and flexibility enhancements to CorWave ON, its commercially available all-optical networking product suite, which enables carriers to expand and develop advanced wavelength services.

Corvis Corporation (NASDAQ:CORV) announced further capacity and flexibility enhancements to CorWave ON, its commercially available all-optical networking product suite, which enables carriers to expand and develop advanced wavelength services.

The enhanced CorWave ON enables carriers to deploy next-generation all-optical transmission and switching products incrementally in their existing network, providing capacity where it is needed in order to meet their customers' growing bandwidth demands. The CorWave ON offers the industry's highest network capacity, providing up to 2.8 Tb/s transmission capacity in each direction and 16.8 Tb/s switching capacity, a seven-fold increase from Corvis' previous transmission and switching products.

The improved flexibility of the CorWave ON allows established carriers to upgrade their existing transport network to a cost-effective, high capacity architecture with an all-optical express transport layer. Emerging carriers at different stages of their network build-out are now able to construct discrete point-to-point links, which can be evolved in service to provide an all-optical express layer. As a result, carriers will be able to leverage their initial capital investment, while enabling new revenue-generating optical services.

The enhanced flexibility and scalability of the CorWave ON product suite allows carriers to manage unpredictable network growth requirements by deploying capacity and upgrading their network where and when it is needed. Also, carriers with a regional deployment strategy who wish to migrate to a nationwide network can now evolve their regional networks into an all-optical express network by building out their network to meet the expansion of their business.

The enhanced CorWave ON product suite comprises the following:

* CorWave Optical Network Gateway (ONG): Provides access to an all-optical network for new client traffic and provides interoperability with other networks and network elements. The Optical Network Gateway provides up to 2.8 Tb/s in each direction that can be transmitted up to 3,200 kilometers over diverse fiber types without electrical regeneration. The Optical Network Gateway supports and transports 2.5 and 10 Gbps SONET/SDH traffic in both concatenated and channelized formats. The ONG can be upgraded to an Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer to enable optical networking.

* CorWave Optical Amplifier (OA): Employs various amplification technologies to support high capacity transmission over diverse fiber types. The Optical Amplifier supports 2.8 Tb/s in each direction and distances of up to 3,200 kilometers without electrical regeneration and can be upgraded to an Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer, when network access is required to add and drop traffic.

* CorWave Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (OADM): Enables traffic to enter and exit the network at a network intersection without requiring an optical-to-electrical-to-optical conversion of traffic passing through the intersection. The Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer can be upgraded to an Optical Switch as fiber routes are added at a major point of presence (POPs) in the network.

* CorWave Optical Switch (OS): A commercially available all-optical switch provisions routes and optically switches up to 16.8 Tb/s of traffic between fibers. The Optical Switch interconnects multiple fibers to switch traffic between one or more fibers entirely in the optical domain and allows fiber routes to be added at POPs in the network.

About Corvis:

Corvis Corporation is a provider of next-generation optical services networks. For more information, visit

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