Asita Technologies adds carrier-class features to VPN solution

Oct. 12, 2001
Oct. 12, 2001--Asita Technologies, Inc., a provider of information security for the Internet and innovative architect of the Asita Security Operating System, SOS, announced version v1.07, delivering carrier-class features to the asita LineSpeed GS and GS2 product family.

Asita Technologies, Inc., a provider of information security for the Internet and innovative architect of the Asita Security Operating System, SOS, announced version v1.07, delivering carrier-class features to the asita LineSpeed GS and GS2 product family. V1.07 will add features such as Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), high-availability and support for hot insertion and removal of cartridges integrated into a customizable and scalable architecture, making the asita LineSpeed GS and GS2 optimal for large enterprise and service provider applications.

VRRP eliminates the single point of failure inherent in the static default routed environment. The VRRP VPN Concentrator controlling the IP addresses associated with a virtual router is called the Master. When the Master becomes unavailable, VRRP automatically forwards all messages to a Backup VPN Concentrator. High availability compensates for any single point of failure. In the unlikely event of a unit or cartridge failure, a backup unit or another cartridge within the same unit will automatically take over in just seconds with no configuration required.

Network reliability is enhanced with the introduction of BGP, complementing existing OSPF, RIP v1, RIP v2, and spanning tree features. To manage the customer relationship and promote smooth, efficient customer operations, Operations System Support/ Business System Support (OSS/BSS) have been implemented in v1.07. Included within OSS/BSS are Service Provisioning, Network Management, Operations Support and solutions for the integration of new and existing legacy based systems. Other key feature added in v1.07 include: Fault Management; Capacity Management; Accounting Management; Performance Management; Security (FCAPS) which, provide enhanced CLI, Telnet client and server, Tftp client and server and SNMP tunnel up/down traps to support large enterprises and service providers; and an improved management interface that offers faster installation, more robust monitoring and intuitive management capabilities.

The GS line features up to eight customizable application cartridges that serve as security application platforms for third-party security software. This allows users to incorporate all their security applications in one network device utilizing a single centralized management system. Each unit is supported by hot insertion and removal of cartridges eliminating the need to power down the device for cartridge upgrades or replacement.

Designed to reduce total cost of ownership, the asita LineSpeed GS and GS2 integrate high-speed VPN, firewalling, policy routing, networking and total management into a single network device. The products offer Internet VPN for 20,000 to 40,000+ simultaneous VPN tunnels at speeds in excess of 2Gbps while delivering the highest level of security (IPSec 3DES-CBC mode). With eight customizable security application cartridges, the Asita GS family is scalable, flexible and easy to configure and manage. The ISP/ASP, web host, enterprise, central office and carrier can achieve the security level of a dedicated private network, while using the Internet at a fraction of the leased line cost.

The GS line also offers other important security features such as IKE key management for secure key exchange and authentication using MD5 and SHA-1. The asita LineSpeed family is based on multi-functional cryptographic accelerator chips. The chip features a true random number generator and tamper proof circuitry even in power down mode for ultimate security.

The asita LineSpeed GS and GS2 is currently available through the VAR channel. Prices range from $75,000 for the basic unit and scales up to $325,000 fully loaded.

About Asita Technologies, Inc.

Asita Technologies, a global provider of information security for the Internet, provides integrated devices that combine IPSec Virtual Private Networking, firewalling, policy routing, security application hosting, and networking delivered over a single revolutionary platform, the Asita Security Operating System, SOS. For more information, visit

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