Lynx Photonic Networks announces 8x8 port nanosecond class photonic switch

Apr. 24, 2001--Lynx Photonic Networks has announced a second member of their nanosecond class switch family.

Lynx Photonic Networks has announced a second member of their nanosecond class switch family. The Packet.8x8 has 8 input ports and 8 output ports, a switching time of less than 5 nanoseconds, and features strictly non-blocking operation. This switch enables virtual port expansion of previously limited high-speed communications systems, such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches, high-speed routers, and OC-192 SONET multiplexers. These applications are accomplished by overcoming the bandwidth and data rate limitations of the existing backplanes of such systems.

The Packet.8x8 enables equipment manufacturers to deliver simple product life cycle extensions for high-speed, high-capacity devices such as disk storage arrays, parallel computers, multiplexers, LAN or WAN switches, and routers. The Packet.8x8 can transparently switch photonic bit streams in either the 1300nm or the 1550nm spectral windows. It provides for data rate, protocol and data format transparency, and unique capabilities, such as integrated optical multicast and broadcast.

The Packet.8x8's strictly non-blocking operation allows for additional connections to be made without any rearrangement or interference to existing connections. The Packet.8x8 is based on Lynx's Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) design utilizing an almost instant electro-optic switching mechanism, intelligent optical path control and proprietary packaging. The optical chip is fabricated on a Lithium Niobate substrate, assembled on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with on-board intelligence, and fully integrated into a compact 19 inch, 1U rack-mountable housing, with high-speed logic control interface. It has been designed for robust handling, and is based on long established volume manufacturing processes.

About Lynx Photonic Networks:

Lynx is an Intelligent Optical Network (ION) Subsystems Co. with its own patented optical planar waveguide switching technology. For more information, visit

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