FPL FiberNet and Bellsouth Corporation sign dark fiber agreement

Apr. 12, 2001--FPL FiberNet, LLC, a subsidiary of FPL Group, announced an agreement to lease a portion of its fiber optic network in Florida to BellSouth.

FPL FiberNet, LLC, a subsidiary of FPL Group (NYSE: FPL), announced an agreement to lease a portion of its fiber optic network in Florida to BellSouth (NYSE: BLS). Under the terms of the agreement, FPL FiberNet will be one of the providers of dark fiber to connect BellSouth's FloridaMIX high-speed Internet exchange, or network access point (NAP), to connection points throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties within the State of Florida.

Dark fiber is unused fiber through which no light or signals are passing. After leasing dark fiber, companies then use their own electronics and signal equipment to make the fiber usable on FPL FiberNet's network. BellSouth's lease and the subsequent installation of this fiber prepares the way for the next generation of Internet infrastructure to support increasing numbers of Internet service companies and quickly emerging services, including voice over Internet Protocol (IP), video over Internet, and other digital media and broadband applications. This will provide carrier and route diversity to the FloridaMIX's high-speed dense-wave division multiplexing (DWDM) and switched optical backbone network.

About FPL FiberNet:

FPL FiberNet is a provider of fiber-optic network solutions in Florida. The company provides connectivity to major telecom centers in the state, including leading carrier hotels, network access point (NAP) initiatives, international cable-heads and large central offices. For more information, visit www.fplfibernet.com.

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