W. L. Gore & Associates, Agilent Technologies, and Mitel agree to common standard for 12-channel parallel fiber optic modules

Feb. 13, 2001
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., Agilent Technologies Inc., and Mitel Corporation announced that they have signed a Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) that will set the industry standard for next-generation parallel fiber optic modules.

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A), and Mitel Corporation (NYSE/TSE:MLT) announced that they have signed a Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) that will set the industry standard for next-generation parallel fiber optic modules. The three companies have leveraged their experience in fiber optic and semiconductor technologies to standardize the package, and optical and electrical interfaces for their respective modules to ensure that customers will have access to multiple international sources that are compatible with other components within their systems. Each of the companies expects to offer the modules in 2001.

Designed for a variety of fiber optic communications applications, the parallel fiber optic modules include transmitters and receivers featuring 12 channels at 1-2.7 Gbaud/channel for an aggregate bandwidth of 12-32.4 Gbaud. The modules are designed to meet demand for network capacity in proprietary terabit switch/router links as well as very short reach OC-192 and Infiniband connections.

"The MSA will enable our customers to quickly bring expandable terabit networking equipment to market," said Olof Svenonius, product line manager for parallel fiber optic modules at Mitel Semiconductor. "Working in concert with Agilent and Gore expands the available supply of interchangeable devices through multiple sources while providing the unbeatable benefits of cost, board space and time-to-market afforded by parallel fiber."

Performance of single-fiber and copper interconnects is limited in terms of bandwidth, density and distance. Network system manufacturers are finding that parallel fiber optic modules are the best and in many cases the only method of equipment interconnection. The new modules can support transmission requirements of greater than 30 Gbaud while utilizing less than two inches of board space for a Tx/Rx pair. The transmitter and receiver are compatible with an industry-standard MTP/MPO terminated parallel fiber optic interconnect.

Product design, development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the parallel fiber optic modules will take place independently. To obtain a copy of the multi-source specification and for more information of parallel optics, refer to the participating companies' websites.

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