ITC^DeltaCom offers multiple services with XACCT's network to business platform

Feb. 13, 2001
XACCT Technologies announced that ITC^DeltaCom, an integrated telecommunications provider in the southern United States, is deploying its Network to Business (N2B) platform throughout the ITC^DeltaCom network.

XACCT Technologies announced that ITC^DeltaCom (Nasdaq:ITCD), an integrated telecommunications provider in the southern United States, is deploying its Network to Business (N2B) platform throughout the ITC^DeltaCom network. Incorporating XACCT's platform into its network infrastructure will enable ITC^DeltaCom to capture and analyze highly granular customer usage and service utilization information, which will allow ITC^DeltaCom to develop and manage new value-added services and implement network capacity enhancements based on usage patterns.

ITC^DeltaCom offers services throughout the southern United States, spanning approximately 9640 miles of a fiber-optic network containing a sophisticated switching infrastructure. The service provider offers bundled packages of telecommunications products for business use consisting of facility-based long-distance, local, data, and Internet services as well as customer premise equipment. ITC^DeltaCom intends to initially roll out XACCT's N2B platform in six locations in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, followed by network-wide deployment.

"The system gives us a full analytical window into our network-we can do trend analysis, reporting and billing. XACCT's N2B platform even lets us do churn analysis, fraud analysis, and service level agreement (SLA) verifications. This solution allows us to enhance several mission-critical business processes on a real-time basis," said Steve Moses, senior vice president of Network Services for ITC^DeltaCom.

ITC^DeltaCom will also use the XACCT solution for capacity planning. The in-depth network usage information XACCT produces will help the service provider ensure optimal network utilization at all times. The ability to view exactly what is occurring in the network, in real-time, will allow the company to detect slow-downs and take preventative measures ahead of time, and prevent customer churn that often results from service-level deterioration. Moreover, it will give the service provider highly granular information on service-level verification and management.

Telephone companies have used information they collect from their networks to create-and tariff-a wide variety of services. Although data networks generate even more granular information about IP sessions, much of this information generally has not been available in a usable format. This situation typically has limited Network Service Providers' (NSPs') profitability and ability to create new services. NSPs have classically charged a flat monthly access fee because there was no way to bill for specific services. With the XACCT solution, they can collect actual IP session data-such as type of application, time of day, Quality of Service (QoS), user identification-and use it to create innovative value-added services with flexible value-based pricing models.

About ITC^DeltaCom:

ITC^DeltaCom, headquartered in West Point, Georgia, provides integrated telecommunications services to mid-sized and major businesses in the southern United States and is a provider of broadband transport services to other communications companies.

About XACCT Technologies:

XACCT Technologies is a provider of intelligent business infrastructure software for Internet carriers and network service providers.