Columbus Networks taps Xtera for subsea network upgrade

JANUARY 28, 2008 -- Xtera says the multi-million dollar deployment is well underway with an initial capacity of 40 Gbits/sec scheduled for service March 1, 2008.

JANUARY 28, 2008 -- Xtera Communications (search for Xtera Communications) is providing equipment and services for a multi-million dollar upgrade to the Americas Region Caribbean Optical ring System (ARCOS-1) cable of Columbus Networks Ltd. (search for Columbus Networks.)

The current ARCOS-1 (search for ARCOS-1) Submarine Cable System, which is 94% owned by Columbus Networks, connects 24 terminus locations throughout the Caribbean. The company offers advanced, high-speed capacity and IP services to telecom carriers, TV cable companies, Internet service providers, and network integrators.

Columbus Networks has contracted Xtera Communications to provide optical networking equipment to bolster the capacity and functionality of the network and the company's ability to offer existing and emerging next-generation services.

Xtera Communications will deploy its Nu-Wave XLS, all-Raman DWDM system, on 22 unrepeatered segments of the existing 8,600-km submarine cable connecting the United States with 19 countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

Currently, the Nu-Wave XLS optical design capacity enables up to 300 Gbits/sec on any given ARCOS-1 dark fiber pair, say Xtera representatives. The system provides an ultimate capacity of 600 Gbits/sec per fiber pair. These 22 ARCOS-1 sub-sea segments have 10 dark fiber pairs still available for future use. A mixture support of STM-16, STM-64, and native Ethernet IP transport will enable a multitude of next-generation services for information, communication, and entertainment applications, says the vendor. Xtera will also provide engineering, test, and commissioning services from its Professional Services organization.

"Xtera's all-Raman technology provides the performance we require to support the high-quality bandwidth requested by our customers," reports Paul Scott, vice president and COO of Columbus Networks. "It also provides a compact, low maintenance solution with high availability, high service flexibility, low configuration complexity, and optimum on-going costs," he says. "We continue to experience huge demands for bandwidth and advanced applications in the Pan CaribbeanAmericas region. This new Xtera platform, combined with the new subsea extensions we are constructing, positions us to meet the needs of our customers well into the future," he notes.

"ARCOS-1 is a strategic submarine cable for connectivity between the U.S., the Americas and the Caribbean," adds Herve Fevrier, COO of Xtera Communications. "Xtera is proud to provide the products and services that will play a key role in the introduction of new inter- and intra-regional advanced services."

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