iamba Networks offers new GPON ASIC family

JANUARY 21, 2008 By Stephen Hardy -- iamba Networks has expanded its GPON offerings with the iSN1000 family of GPON ONT ASICs. The chips come in configurations targeted at single-family, SOHO, and MDU applications.

JANUARY 21, 2008 By Stephen Hardy -- iamba Networks (search for iamba) has expanded its GPON offerings with the iSN1000 family of GPON ONT ASICs. The chips, which come in configurations targeted at single-family, small office/home office (SOHO), and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) applications, complements the company's existing iSL2402 dual PON OLT device as well as an upcoming quad OLT chip. Since the new devices are part of the iamba GPON Eco-System (iGES), designers can leverage iamba-provided software suites and reference designs.

The iSN1000 family includes the iSN1000F for single-family units, the iSN1000T for SOHO, and the iSN1000D for MDU ONTs. According to company president Moshe Nattiv, the ASIC family provides 2.3 Gbits/sec of Ethernet/IP throughput, which he asserted is 3X higher than competing chips on the market. It also provides the GPON SERDES function and WT-156-compliant VLAN processing and supports quality of service (QoS), security, and IPTV. The chip is designed to facilitate the integration of customer software with packages iamba can supply.

The chip architecture is based on a multi-core processor module (iMCM) featuring three RISC processors (deliverying 540 DMIPS) and the company's patent-pending Traffic Pump Module (iTPM). Nattiv says the module includes user-programmable processor capabilities optimized for GPON that are superior to the use of commercial NPUs. The iTPM performs packet classification, VLAN processing, IPTV forwarding, L2 security and bridging, and enables full compliance with the most recent features of the WT-156 standard, he adds.

The chip delivers wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet on two ports as well as multiple voice lines and video channels supported by QoS and class of service (CoS) capabilities. The iSN1000 handles up to 128 GEM ports and up to 15 T-CONTs.

The iGES ONT software packages include the iNSC (for ONT ASIC control), the iNOM (for ONT OMCI management), and the iNSP (an ONT support package for external devices). Available application layer software packages include the iVoIP and the iPTV for VoIP and IPTV services, respectively.

The chips are available as part of production-ready indoor and outdoor ONT reference designs for the US and the International markets. The iSN1000 ONT ASICs are available for sampling to system vendors and ODMs.

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