Tellabs taps Verizon for comms services

OCTOBER 23, 2008 � Tellabs signed two new agreements for wired and wireless network services from Verizon.

OCTOBER 23, 2008 � Tellabs signed two new agreements for wired and wireless network services from Verizon. Under the first agreement, Verizon Business designed and deployed a global networking offering incorporating Verizon Private IP, long-distance, and Internet services that will link more than 3,500 Tellabs' employees at 50 sites worldwide. Under the second agreement, Verizon Wireless will become Tellabs' preferred provider for wireless services, which will include account management, billing tools, management of devices such as BroadbandAccess PC cards, and other applications.

Jean Holley, executive vice president and chief information officer, Tellabs, says, "We were able to work with Verizon as a total business partner to help mobilize our business across wired and wireless network environments to more effectively communicate with our customers, partners, and employees."

As a provider of Ethernet switching and routing technology, Tellabs wanted to use that technology to link its own network to the global network offering that Verizon Business will deploy for the company. Verizon Business is providing the connection that will help link the two networks. This will also help Tellabs meet the growing demand for Carrier Ethernet services around the globe.

Verizon Private IP service will enable Tellabs to improve key business processes, database management, and customer communications, and to control operational costs. The MPLS-based service is designed to link Tellabs' sites to key locations in Espoo, Finland; Singapore; and the company's U.S. headquarters in Naperville, IL.

In addition to Verizon Business Private IP, Tellabs also relies on Verizon Internet Dedicated service, which leverages the world's most connected Internet backbone. To help Tellabs' employees communicate when and where they need to do business, Verizon Wireless has already deployed 1,300 devices, including the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition and BlackBerry 8330 Pearl from Verizon Wireless. The wireless arrangement includes a corporate training program to help the Tellabs' workforce benefit from the features and functions of the personal digital assistants.

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