Alaska Communications Systems completes acquisition of Crest Communications

OCTOBER 31, 2008 -- In addition to its acquisition of Crest's Northstar undersea cable, ACS is completing deployment of a geographically distinct, fiber-optic cable, dubbed the Alaska Oregon Network (AKORN). The company confirms that commercial launch is on schedule for early 2009.

OCTOBER 31, 2008 -- Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc. has completed the acquisition of Crest Communications Corp. This $70-million transaction brings into the ACS asset portfolio the Northstar undersea fiber-optic cable and a robust backhaul network linking the cable's landing station on the Oregon coast to both Portland and Seattle, say ACS representatives.

ACS announced in April that it intended to purchase Crest as part of its expansion into the enterprise market. The acquisition of Crest brings with it a team experienced in servicing undersea systems and an established base of enterprise customers, including several who utilize the Northstar cable landing station and diverse transport facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to acquiring Northstar, the company is completing its build of a geographically distinct, fiber-optic cable, the Alaska Oregon Network (AKORN). The cable is laid, is currently in testing, and will be ready for commercial launch, on plan, in early 2009, confirms the company.

"ACS owns two fiber cables to the Lower 48, a major achievement not only for the company but for the State of Alaska," asserts Liane Pelletier, ACS president, CEO, and chairman. "This major telecom infrastructure investment enables us to provide security and reliability through a ring of geographically diverse cables. Combined with our best-in-class in-state networks and network operations centers, ACS is uniquely positioned to meet Enterprise customers' needs," adds Pelletier.

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