Corning's SMF-28 ULL fiber chosen for Pan-Emirates network

OCTOBER 22, 2008 -- United Arab Emirates service provider du is deploying Corning's SMF-28 ULL fiber as the foundation of a high-capacity Pan-Emirates network designed to support du's fast-growing business, 3G cellular, and FTTH services. It will span the seven Emirates and link du's network with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

OCTOBER 22, 2008 -- Corning Inc. (search for Corning) today announced that du, the United Arab Emirates's (UAE) new integrated telecommunications service provider, will deploy Corning SMF-28 Ultra-Low-Loss (ULL) optical fiber as the foundation of its Pan-Emirates, high-capacity network. du is the first telecom operator in the Middle East to deploy this fiber, say Corning representatives. The new network will support du's fast growing business, 3G cellular, and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) customers with seamless, high-speed connectivity. It will span the seven Emirates and link du's network with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The construction of the network began in August and is expected to be completed by 2010. The cable will be provided by Corning Cable Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Corning Incorporated.

SMF-28 ULL fiber can deliver the bandwidth required today and also offer the ability to upgrade to even higher data rates, such as 100 Gbits/sec per channel and more, as customers demand new services, notes Corning.

"Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and our mission is to build a high-capacity fiber cable that can generate terabits of traffic for du customers, and this will be state of the art for long-haul network applications," reports Osman Sultan, CEO of du. "Using Corning's SMF-28 ULL fiber as the foundation of our network, we will be able to deliver seamless, high-data capacity over longer distances for customers with a superior level of security, reliability, and upgradeability that sets a new standard for the region."

"Long-haul, high-capacity networks like the Pan-Emirates network du is building require the ability to construct long spans while also supporting very high data rates," adds Martin J. Curran, senior vice president and general manager of Corning Optical Fiber. "Corning's SMF-28 ULL fiber provides that unique solution. We are proud to be working with du as they deploy this innovative and advanced telecommunications network."

According to Corning, SMF-28 ULL optical fiber is the lowest attenuation ITU recommendation G.652-compliant fiber available in the world. Maintaining higher signal strength extends reach and provides opportunities to reduce capital and operating expenses and system complexity. In addition to enabling future network upgrades to 100 Gbits/sec and more per single user, SMF-28 ULL fiber maintains compatibility with the installed base of singlemode fibers, claim company representatives.

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