FibroLAN Announces 10-GbE NTU product

OCTOBER 20, 2008 -- The GA10 is a 10-Gbit/sec (LAN) Network Termination Unit (NTU)/Extender/Demarcation device that delivers critical functionality to the ILEC market.

OCTOBER 20, 2008 -- FibroLAN (seach for FibroLAN), provider of fiber-optic access systems for enterprise and service providers in metro markets, today announced its GA10 product, a 10-Gbit/sec (LAN) Network Termination Unit (NTU)/Extender/Demarcation device that delivers critical functionality for ILECs and provides them with a high-quality, cost-effective and flexible option that meets their most important needs.

According to the company the GA10 product addresses the transmission needs of carriers in the following three areas:
• As an NTU, the GA10 terminates a 10-Gigabit Ethernet service (or lower rates, based on advanced rate limiting algorithms to very large users.
• For wholesale operation, the GA10 can be used as a clear demarcation device between primary carriers and their partners.
• Connected as an extender, the GA10 handles a variety of transmission tasks, such as extending distance, changing wavelength, and more.

"Multi-Gigabit Ethernet services are becoming a reality in both retail and wholesale arenas," reports Moshe Vidal, FibroLAN's vice president of North American operations. "With this in mind, we developed a robust, highly managed device at a pricing level that is significantly lower than existing 10/40G transmission devices used mainly in backbones to date. The GA10 follows the introduction of two other FibroLAN Next Generation Networking (NGN) product offerings over the last two months, the Falcon and our extended WDM line," he notes. "Together with the GA10, these innovative product releases have enriched the FibroLAN product portfolio and further enhance FibroLAN's position as a key high-end player in the telco marketplace."

The GA10 is a Layer 1 transmission device. This allows for easy and trouble-free design of carrier networks. As a true 3R (repeating, retiming, reshaping) device, the GA10 ensures robust extension to the maximum rated ranges, says the company. In addition, several GA10s can be cascaded to extend transmission well beyond the currently available 49.7 miles (80 km) for 10 GbE without reverting to more expensive technologies.

The GA10 has a rich set of advanced diagnostic features that provides out-of-band SNMP/CLI management and in-band (MA) operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM) functionality for remote units, add company representatives. Its remote firmware upgrade facility protects owners' investments, allowing cost-free adaptations to new standards, which are constantly evolving.

When combined with FibroLAN's extended WDM line, up to ten 10-GbE services can be transmitted concurrently over a fiber pair, which yields one of the most powerful transmission platforms available.

FibroLAN's GA10 product complies with 10-Gigabit Ethernet and, as applicable, Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards.

FibroLAN is introducing the GA10 product at the Mid-America Telecom Showcase & Seminar (MATSS) Conference, where FibroLAN is participating with a distribution partner, EMBARQ Logistics, in Booths #61 and 62.

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