JDSU to highlight optical communications and test and measurement technology

FEBRUARY 22, 2008 -- JDSU will highlight products from its optical communications and communications test and measurement portfolios at OFC/NFOEC in San Diego.

FEBRUARY 22, 2008 -- JDSU will highlight products from its optical communications and communications test and measurement portfolios at OFC/NFOEC in San Diego.

JDSU will showcase a variety of optical communications products, including:

  • 100G Demonstration: A live demonstration of 100 Gbits/sec data rate connectivity using parallel optics.
  • Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly (ITLA): A cost-effective tunable laser offering for customers who want to incorporate tunability into their networks based on the latest OIF-MSA standard.
  • 7300 Non Return To Zero (NRZ) and Enhanced Return to Zero (ERZ) modulation formats: Additional modulation formats that give customers the flexibility for multiple deployment options to support 10G data rates within their optical networks.
  • 4900 Pump Laser: A new pump laser that delivers twice as much power as previous offerings and powers optical amplifiers to enable HDTV, Internet, phone, and video-on-demand FTTH services between a service provider's central office and consumer's homes.
  • Raman Circuit Pack: Raman amplifier circuit pack used within networks to span longer distances than typical node spacing provides.
  • DWDM SFP: A module that enables10G data rates within data centers, enterprise LAN and metro access networks. It is designed for both C and L bands, with less than 1 W of power dissipation and reach options of 120 and 180 km. It operates at OC-3, -12, and -48 data rates and is RoHS 6 compliant.
  • Multi-Rate XFP: A multi-data-rate transceiver designed for Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and SONET/SDH applications. The product operates at industrial temperatures of -40 to 85C, is RoHS 6 compliant.

Communications test and measurement products on display at OFC/NFOEC 2008 will include:

  • Fiber inspection, cleaning, and test products: Westover's inspection and cleaning solutions are now part of JDSU and will be displayed at booth 703.
  • TestPoint SRS: New stressed receiver sensitivity (SRS) functionality for the TestPoint 10-Gbit/sec product line; SRS is one of the key parameters to ensuring interoperability across 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel equipment.
  • T-BERD 8000 modules for 4G/10G Fibre Channel and IPTV: The field instrument combines 4G and 10G Fibre Channel test support with traditional transport test capabilities such as SONET/SDH, Ethernet, and OTN.
  • T-BERD Optical Dispersion Module (ODM): A compact and integrated dispersion solution dedicated to field testing fiber-optic networks using the T-BERD/MTS-6000 and T-BERD/MTS-8000 platforms.
  • ONT-503 40/43G: A compact 40/43G tester that combines lab testing needs with a portable form factor.
  • Pocket-sized testers: The company will show what it calls the "lightest and smallest power meters and light sources on the market" in booth 703.
  • T-BERD 8000 module for 40G: An easy-to-use 40G field installation and maintenance tester that weighs less than 18 lbs.
  • T-BERD 8000 ROADM OSA (OSA-320): An in-band optical spectrum analyzer that incorporates a new method for true optical signal-to-noise ratio measurement in ROADM networks, making it able to test optical performance in the agile optical network.
  • T-BERD OTDRs: JDSU will display its range of OTDRs, including those for CWDM (which it says is the industry's first), very short range, short-range LAN, medium range, and long-range applications.

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