LAN cable measuring set

Nov 1st, 1996

LAN cable measuring set

Dominocable LCM-5A LAN cable measuring system performs acceptance measurements on structured cable installations to 100 MH¥and meets tia/eia TSB-67 Level 2 requirements. The unit provides standard measurement functions such as wiring test, attenuation, noise, near-end crosstalk, capacitance and cable length. The 2-side next measures near-end crosstalk at the far end of the cable. The xtdr test mode localizes discrete cross-coupling points (e.g., in distributors) that cause increased crosstalk. Dominocable features an attenuation frequency range of 500 kH¥to 100 MHz, with 10-4 accuracy and 10-kH¥resolution.

Wandel & Goltermann GmbH & Co.

Eningen, Germany

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