Visible laser diode

Nov 1st, 1996

Visible laser diode

The NDL3230SU positive-bias, visible laser diode outputs 30 mW of continuous-wave power that can be pulsed to 50 mW. Typical output power for visible laser diodes is 3 to 10 mW. Housed in a 5.6-mm CAN package, the device features low threshold current (typically 50 mW). Specifications for the laser diode are 2.4V operating voltage, 50-mA threshold current (continuous wave), 100-mA operating current, 21° vertical beam angle, 9° lateral beam angle and 0.1-mA monitor current. Typical applications include bar-code scanners, laser printers, laser pointers and magneto-optical disk drives. Price is expected to be less than $60 for quantities of 2500.

NEC Electronics Inc.

Mountain View, CA

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