Network interface modems

Jul 1st, 1996

Network interface modems

Fiber-optic network interface modems for T1 or E1 signals accommodate multiple data format conversions and permit data communications link distance changes in the field. FOM II F2400 T1 modems provide binary-8 zero-substitution and alternating-mark-inversion data format conversions. E1 modems handle AMI and high-density bipolar-of-order-3 data format conversion. Both modems provide synchronous, full-duplex, half-duplex or simplex data transmission at distances to 6 km. They are available in various configurations and operate over a 20-dB link margin on 850-nm optics with 100/140-micron fiber. Both use E1 50/125- or 62.5/125-micron fiber-optic cable.


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