Apr 1st, 1996


OFT-30 and OFT-50 Dominofiber compact optical time-domain reflectometers have all the features of fully equipped OTDRs. Combined with a notebook computer, the OTDRs are used for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting fiber-optic communications systems. Model OFT-30 serves multimode applications at 850 and 1300 nm and has settable pulsewidths from 3 nanoseconds to 3 microseconds. OFT-50 supports singlemode applications at 1310 and 1550 nm and can be used with 9/125- or 10/125-micron fiber. The 11.5 ¥ 2.2 ¥ 9.8-inch devices feature advanced zoom and marker functions, as well as those for storing results, printing local logs and transferring data to a central database. An auto mode automatically sets the best pulsewidth, distance and attenuation range, and display averaging interval, while dual-scan mode allows measurement of two wavelengths simultaneously. Operating temperature range is -10° to +50°C and reflectance is -10 to -70 dB. Included in the OTDR package for both models are Windows-compatible control and evaluation software, a connector cable, an AC adapter/charger and a measuring adapter. Models OFT-30 and OFT-50 are priced from $15,130 and $16,680, respectively.

Wandel & Goltermann GmbH and Co.

Eningen, Germany

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