Fujikura C-Groove cable uses bend-insensitive ribbon fibre

23 APRIL 2009 -- New cable offers 50% reduction on installation time for engineers, says the manufacturer.

23 APRIL 2009 -- Fibre-optic and electronic components supplier Fujikura Europe has launched the C-Groove cable, a design that enables quick access to fibres without compromising the structural integrity of the cable. The company says the design allows access to individual fibres within minutes, enabling a 50% reduction in installation time for engineers. The Fujikura "Easy Split" bend-insensitive ribbon fibre, comprising 48 encapsulated fibres, offers a smaller diameter than conventional loose tube cable, allowing for more space in fibre ducts.

The key to the fibre accessibility is the cable's C-shaped core; once the outer coating is removed, the core remains intact and fibres can be removed from the open face of the C-Groove. The four-fibre ribbon inside the lightweight cable can be separated into individual fibres in a few seconds using a de-ribbonising tool, eliminating the need for mass fusion splicers and hot jacket strippers. Once the desired fibres have been extracted, the outer coating can be resealed by pressing the cover back over the cable. The repeatable process simplifies the addition of new subscribers in the future, according to Fujikura.

"The time savings offered by this truly innovative, ribbon fibre-based cable are phenomenal," says product marketing manager Grant Ogilvie. "Being able to conclusively demonstrate that, by using our C-Groove cable and Easy Split fibre, an engineer can almost double their productivity is a compelling offering for service providers around Europe undertaking fibre installations."

The C-Groove cable was developed in Japan to meet the demand for economical construction of access networks.

See the installation video: http://tiny.cc/cgroove

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