Optical Cable Corp. expands connectivity product family

MAY 11, 2009 -- The company now offers anaerobic fiber-optic connectors, accessories, and kits.

MAY 11, 2009 -- Optical Cable Corp. (search Lightwave for Optical Cable Corp.) has added more fiber connectivity products to its offering of cabling and data communications technologies for a range of enterprise, commercial, and custom applications.

OCC now offers a full range of fiber-optic anaerobic connectors, kits and accessories designed for quick and easy field terminations.

"OCC's anaerobic fiber-optic connectors, kits, and cleaners expand our fiber-optic connectivity product line," says Bruce Smith, product manager. "These high-quality solutions are in direct response to the needs of our customers."

OCC's complete line of anaerobic connector kits offers optical performance in an easy-to-install design for those who prefer to assemble connectors at the component level. The kits are available in FC, LC, SC, and ST connector styles. The single- or multimode kits feature low insertion loss and low backreflection.

To complement its connector lineup, OCC offers dry cloth cleaners specifically designed to clean single-fiber connectors. Each cleaner is designed for ease of use and to eliminate contaminants that can degrade optical performance.

The new connectors, accessories, and kits are part of OCC's newly acquired fiber-optic connectivity product lines.

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