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Multiprotocol 10-Gbit/s transponders are designed for 40- and 80-km systems and are compatible with 10 Gigabit Ethernet and SONET/SDH. The cooled version of the 300-pin device can transmit up to 80 km, and the uncooled version reaches 40 km. The bidirectional interface modules convert signals from electrical to optical and back, and allow the mux/demux of 16 622-Mbit/s electrical signals.

Agere, Allentown, PA
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The AP9950 pulse-pattern generator and AP9951 error detector from Ando and Yokogawa Electric Corp. make up a bit-error-rate test set for evaluating devices and components for 40-Gbit/s transmission systems. They measure 425 x 221 x 500 mm and are capable of measurement applications in a 40-Gbit/s mode, a 10-Gbit/s mux/demux mode, a 10-Gbit/s multichannel mode, and a burst-signal measurement function.

Ando Electric, Kanagawa, Japan
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The Metro tunable filter is based on a fiber etalon design and designed for operating rates of 2.5, 10, and 40 Gbit/s. The Metro tunable notch filter removes selected subcarrier multiplexed signals from a composite signal and is designed to enable high extinction of the drop channel in the reflection path.

Micron Optics, Atlanta, GA
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The 8 x 8 - 4 optical switch has eight channels in each of four planes to serve as input, output, add, and drop channels. It can be configured as a protection switch with switch time of <2 ms. It can also be an optical add/drop module equivalent to a 16 x 16 switch. It is latched in both on and off position, allowing switch state to be used as a feedback signal.

Advanced Optical MEMS, Lake Forest, CA
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The PolarTune micro variable optical attenuators (VOAs) are solid-state electronic devices for real-time power attenuation and regulation. They allow dynamic control of power levels in transmitters and receivers and can manage overall amplitude and profile of the gain within fiber-amplifier gain modules.

Chorum Technologies, Richardson, TX
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An amplified tunable dispersion compensator uses an erbium-doped waveguide amplifier and is designed to work in 10-Gbit/s systems with up to eight selectable 50-GHz channels. Each of the C-band channels is tunable up to 1000 ps/nm. The device will provide compensation for chromatic dispersion.

Inplane Photonics, South Plainfield, NJ
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The G4-100 mux/demux is based on a bulk diffraction-grating platform. It has 100-GHz channel spacing that can operate in the C- or L-bands, or both. It has insertion loss of 4 dB and operates from -5°C to 65°C with a flat filter profile.

Lightchip, Salem, NH
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Planar waveguide fiber is designed for specific mode-matching requirements in adiabatic splice diffusion between high-NA planar-waveguide chip technology and low-NA telecommunications and component fibers. The fiber has a numerical aperture of 0.26 and a standard second-mode cut-off of 1330 nm. It has been proof tested as 200 kpsi.

Nufern, East Granby, CT
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The KOM 200 optical modem is a DWDM module that uses advanced signal processing to enlarge metropolitan and regional rings without additional dispersion-compensation elements. The 300-pin compatible, 10-Gbit/s system operates at distances up to 120 km at channel spacings of 50 or 100 GHz. It has an operating temperature of 0°C to 70°C and comes in PIN or APD configurations.

Kodeos Communications, South Plainfield, NJ
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Dickson 940-lpmm diffraction gratings have twice the angular dispersion of 600-lpmm gratings, polarization-dependent loss <0.2 dBm and >90% diffraction efficiencies in both S and P polarizations across the 40-nm C-band. The holographically created gratings are recorded in volume phase medium and hermetically sealed in fused silica for rugged field use. Gratings for the S- and L-bands are also available.

Wasatch Photonics, Walnut Creek, CA
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