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The OTS9600 series of optical test modules is a swept-wavelength measurement system for physical-layer testing of passive optical components. It automatically calibrates before each measurement, and has accuracy >1 pm in a measurement time of 6.5 s. It can be expanded from 8 to 88 channels. The device includes mode-hop-free tunable lasers and an eight-channel linear optical-power meter.

Tektronix, Beaverton, OR
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The Scorpion Amplet MMP-7012 and Gainlet MMP-7010 are erbium microfiber amplifiers that use erbium-doped glass to produce optical gain over a few centimeters of fiber. The Amplet mates the gain fiber and a Spectra-Physics semiconductor pump laser with passive components to create a turnkey amplifier system with 15 dB of gain over the C-band. The Gainlet is a gain block of fiber and laser that delivers customizable gain over the C-band and can be used for channel and band amplification or loss compensation.

NP Photonics, Tucson, AZ
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Integra is a modular, expandable, automation-control software platform for test and assembly systems. It provides a common software environment to perform automated alignment, metrology, material handling, data recording, and process management functions. It has an open architecture for customized operation, a SEMI-compliant user interface, and the ability to connect with other automation components, instruments, or software.

Newport Corp., Irvine, CA
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The EM12T250 and EM12R250 comprise a 12-channel parallel fiberoptic transmitter and receiver set. The modules use a 10 x 10 y-axis connector system that allows an OEM to plug them in during final production, avoiding the high-temperature assembly process. The modules, at 2.5 Gbit/s/channel, are designed for systems with up to 30-Gbit/s aggregate throughput. They operate with 50- and 62.5-μm multimode optical-fiber cables on a single +3.3-V supply.

E2O Communications, Calabasas, CA
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