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The Ndrive networked digital drive is available in 10, 20, and 30 A PWM and linear versions. It includes digital and analog I/O, support for square-wave and sine-wave encoders, a 100 BASE-T Ethernet interface, and a 400 Mbit/s FireWire Communication interface. The drive has an 80-MHz DSP and fully digital current, velocity, and position loops. It provides deterministic behavior and auto-identification and can be set up with a software controller.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA

The G8931-03 avalanche photodiode is designed for use in Gigabit Ethernet and SONET/SDH networks. The InGaAs device works in the C- and L-bands at up to 2.5 Gbit/s. It has terminal capacitance of 0.3 pF, photo sensitivity of 7.3 A/W at gain of 10, and typical dark current of 20 nA. It is 16.7 mm high with a diameter of 5.4 mm and an active area 0.03 mm in diameter.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

The ME7894A optical-component test system is designed to evaluate optical components in WDM systems operating in the C- and L-bands. The system includes a tunable laser source, an optical-power meter, a high-sensitivity sensor, and control software. It can analyze optical filters, couplers, isolators, and splitters in the 1510- to 1640-nm range during design and manufacturing. It has a dynamic range of >50 dB.
Anritsu, Richardson, TX

Wideband depolarizers for Raman pump lasers are designed for PDG reduction in Raman amplifiers. They provide <5% DOP and operate to specification at any wavelength in the 1400-nm range. They can be used either with a single high-power pump and provide randomized polarization, or following a polarization multiplexer to randomize both polarization states. An integrated polarizer is available.
Phoenix Photonics, Surrey, England

The 10T101 is a 10-Gbit/s, 1310-nm electroabsorption modulated laser for next-generation optical transceivers aimed at the enterprise and telecom markets. It comes in a chip-on-submount form factor, has an operating temperature range of 0°C to 85°C, and supports data rates up to 10.75 Gbit/s over distances up to 10 km.
ASIP, Somerset, NJ

The PowerEqualizer dynamic gain equalizer is designed to provide smooth optical attenuation of wavelengths and create an optimal spectral profile. It requires no temperature control and is designed to take the place of fixed gain-flattening filters, compensating for uneven gain. It is available in both C- and L-band versions.
Avanex, Freemont, CA

The PureGain 2600 EDFA has output power up to 20 dBm and mid-stage access for incorporating dispersion compensation. It is designed for 10-Gbit/s metro and dynamic-core metro networks. The PureGain 1500 mini-amplifier has output power up to 21-dBm, automatic gain control, an RS-232 communications interface and a digital controller.
Corning Inc., Corning, NY

The EA-MDA-10G is an electroabsorption modulator detector with integrated amplification at 10 Gbit/s. Drive voltage is 100 mV, with power consumption of 1 W. It allows module makers to replace five discrete components with one device. It is manufactured with indium phosphide-based materials, and is available as a packaged, semi-packaged, and bare-die devices.
Essiant, Bellshill, Scotland

The FDHS-30 series pin photodiode has a bandwidth of 10 GHz for use in 10-Gbit/s applications. The back-illuminated device, made from InGaAs, is sensitive from 950 to 1650 nm. It has an active area 30 µm in diameter, dark current <5 nA at 5 V, capacitance <0.2 pF at 5 V, and typical responsivity of 0.9 A/W at 1300 nm.
Fermionics Opto-Technology,
Simi Valley, CA

Optical fiber amplifiers based on co-doped erbium/ytterbium double-clad fiber, have output powers of 27 dBm and above. They are available in single-channel or DWDM configurations and can be combined with a standard EDFA as the first stage. Custom OEM module versions can include integrated control electronics and fast transient suppression.
Highwave Optical Technologies,
Lannion, France

BandSOLVE is design software for calculating photonic bandgap structures. It uses a plane-wave expansion simulation engine. Designers can draw a structure and simulate either band structures or propagation problems using beam propagation and finite-difference time domain algorithms.
RSoft Design Group, Ossining, NY

The iTH10-4005 is a 12.5-Gbit/s D flip-flop integrated circuit for digital signal timing. Applications include test and measurement at OC-192.
iTerra Communications, Fremont, CA

A modification kit for the APS 1104 DWDM coating system allows users to reconfigure the system from DWDM filter production to precision optics applications. The high-speed drive can be replaced by a drive with calotte or a planetary system. The optical monitoring system can be altered to allow reflection measurements and use different wavelengths.
Leybold Optics, Alzenau, Germany

LF 2000 erbium-doped fiber is designed for amplifiers operating in the L-band. It reduces the length of fiber per amplifier to the range of 10 m, reducing polarization-mode dispersion, four-wave mixing, and chromatic dispersion. It has efficiency of 45% QCE.
Liekki Oy, Lohja, Finland

The SurePath Monitor is a monolithically integrated optical power monitor with 40 channels spaced at 100 GHz. It uses an echelle grating produced with phosphide materials. It can be integrated into EDFAs, dynamic gain equalizer modules, OADMs, and optical crossconnects.
MetroPhotonics, Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada

A line of 10 Gbit/s multisource- agreement optical transponders can be integrated with large-capacity optical transmission systems and high-speed routers. They operate on 4 W and support bit rates of 9.95, 10.3, and 10.7 Gbit/s and distances of 25 and 40 km. They measure 75 × 55 × 12 mm and support 300-pin specifications.
NEC FiberOptech, Cupertino, CA

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