The RRP-series of Raman fiber lasers is high-power remote pump sources to increase capacity and/or span lengths of long-haul repeaterless links. The RRP-series consists of a Yb-doped double-clad fiber laser pumped by a number of individual Itelecom-qualified laser diodes and incorporating a resonant Raman converter for conversion to the 1240- and 1450-1480-nm regions. The converter consists of a phosphosilicate fiber flanked by one or two fiber-grating pairs. The use of P-doped fiber with its large Raman shift simplifies the Raman converter scheme. The RRP-series lasers feature an all-fiber, fusion-spliced optical train, with no free-space optics. Power outputs up to 1.5 W are available at 1240, 1455, or 1480 nm.


Pointe Claire, Que., Canada

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