The SDLO-1500 is a new line of low-cost pump modules for low- to medium-power multipurpose EDFAs known as utility amplifiers. Major applications include pre-amps for high-data-rate receivers used in long-haul DWDM networks and broadband CATV networks. For example, networks designed for 2.5-Gbit/s data rates can require additional signal amplification at the receiver end when upgraded to 10-Gbit/s data rates. The 1500-Series module makes it practical to use EDFAs as preamps in front of each receiver to expand such networks. The pump modules use fiber-Bragg-grating technology, which creates wavelength-stabilized pumps with performance independent of input signal wavelength. The modules are available in kink-free power ranges from 80 to 150 mW with unit prices less than $1000 for a 100-mW module.


San Jose, CA

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