Sample quantities of new 10 Gbit/s receiver products designed for DWDM systems are now available. The QR-192 is a PIN-based receiver that offers sensitivity and responsivity at 10 Gbit/s for short-reach interface applications. The QR-192 is offered with a single signal output in the industry-accepted QDMH package or with differential output in a package featuring pins and two GPO connectors. The QR-192 is the latest addition to the product line, which includes the QDFB pinfets, QR-48 2.5 Gbit/s receiver, and QDMH submarine detector. More high-speed receiver products are planned for the product line with increased integration of functions. In addition, the OptiLock family of laser modules, based on a Bragg grating stabilized design, is designed for pumping 973- to 986-nm DWDM EDFAs.

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