Low Jitter CTM 5000 Frequency Translator

The CTM 5000 Frequency Translation Module CTM 5000 is designed to receive a reference frequency ranging from 8 to 64 kHz and synthesize it to an output frequency ranging up to nearly 80 MHz. This process plays an important role in the conversion of older style data transmissions into CMOS-compatible digital frequencies. One of the major applications for this device will be for use in line cards: frequency-conversion gear employed for long-distance communication. The CTM 5000`s compact, hermetically sealed package measures 0.775 in. × 0.8 in. The device uses a 3.3-V power supply. Additional features include selectable reference frequency inputs and signal output at reference frequency and internal VCXO frequency. The CTM 5000 is available immediately.

Champion Technologies

Franklin Park, IL

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