Product Focus: lasers


Santur's TL20X0 widely tunable laser module provides up to 20mW of DFB laser output tunable over the entire C or L band in a small-form-factor, low-power-dissipation package.

The module includes an integrated wavelocker for 25GHz channel spacings and control electronics providing an industry-standard OIF multi-source agreement interface.

Santec's RSL-500 high-performance tunable laser for test and measurement uses a shuttle-pass external cavity design which provides SNR >60dB, >10mW output power over the full 100nm tuning range and a wavelength accuracy of <3pm.

The laser can perform rapid wavelength sweeps (100nm/2s) and has built-in power meters to enable simultaneous measurement of transmission and return losses.

The ERGO CGL-25 multi-wavelength laser is based on GigaTera's core erbium-glass mode-locked laser technology and generates a comb of discrete CW 25GHz-spaced wavelengths.

Line-widths are <1MHz, wavelength stability <1GHz, and optical signal-to-noise ratio as high as 60dB. Channel counts range from just a few to over 60, depending on the application.

Available in a user-friendly instrument package and ideal for WDM and frequency metrology applications.

Agilent's 819xxA compact tunable laser provides twice the power of current lasers, improving testing of active and passive components. Since an added booster EDFA is no longer needed, it also lowers test costs.

Optical output power of +13dBm and SBS suppression allow high-launch powers, enabling testing of nonlinear effects in fibres and transmission links and overcoming losses in test set-ups or the device under test.

Wavelength coverage of 110nm in the S, C and L bands and a modular design reduce cost per channel in DWDM test. Integrated dynamic wavelength and power control assure accurate repeatability.

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